June 2010

Dearest Sister ~

Every birthday marks another year of you radiating positive, happy energy. . . I like to think of it as contagious happiness. You are the strongest female I know, life holds no challenge that you cannot handle. I treasure your uniqueness; There is no one else like you, and I feel blessed to know such an extraordinary person. You can shoot a gun in SWAT school and then sew an adorable clutch the very next day. I appreciate you, respect you, cherish you, and look up to you. I am so proud to call you my best friend and sister. I ♥ you!!!!!!!!  “So put on your sparkle shirts and sparkle hard” 😉

“Grace be with you, mercy, and peace, from God the Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ”

2 John 2:1-2



I’d like to start out today with the sweetest little wedding I’ve ever seen. Photographed by the talented Marianne Taylor, this wedding was absolute perfection. The nuptials were held at Larmer Tree Gardens, and it was the perfect venue for the intimate gathering that consisted of only 14 guests! I find the idea of small weddings so totally fabulous. Everything can be first class without spending thousands upon thousands of dollars. Of course I just adored Rose’s Louboutins {what girl wouldn’t}…. but even more than the shoes, Her dress stole my heart. Rose is so naturally beautiful that her minimal makeup did nothing more than show off her naturally flawless skin and effortless beauty. I just ♥ this wedding. I had such a fun time putting together the picture story with all of Marianne Taylor’s beautiful work. Enjoy!

In my sweetest dreams, it’s just you and me. . .


. . . this weekend is pretty dresses, all things jeweled, champagne, peonies, and first dates {eek}. . . Happy weekend lovelies.

 Photographer unknown

So many mistakes, all of which felt huge at the time—some of which seem relatively trivial now, but are still important, because, most of all, I learned from them. And so the embarrassment of these mistakes is masked by acknowledgment, embracement, and recovery through understanding. 

I think that sometimes the most difficult person to understand is yourself. As you get older you quickly become more and more aware of all the layers. There are too many layers. There are layers to yourself that feel so normal at one moment and so horrid the next. And that is, in my experience, the most frightening feeling of all: when you look in the mirror and you can’t recognize the person you’ve seen each time you’ve looked in the mirror over the past 20 something years. You are ashamed of yourself.

Have you been there? Well…. sure you have.  That’s life isn’t it? That’s growing up.  What’s important are the lessons we learn during these moments. 

This year I learned to accept the fact that layers change, so people change, and relationships change, so love… inevitably changes. Sometimes love changed is love lost, but lessons lie amongst the residue that are painful to face, but the most important to know completely. 

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”
Matthew 11:28



I am elated to show you my favorite wedding of the season thus far… It is the creme de la creme of all things fanciful and lovely! Chandeliers, gorgeous floral arrangements, couture dresses, and tons of glamorous details. Several of the shots were taken before the nuptials at the Mondrian Hotel and the wedding was held later in the bride’s mother’s backyard. This wedding is how I envision my wedding. In one word, perfection. Photographed by the oh so talented KT Merry, these pictures are truly works of art. Congratulations Ana you made the most beautiful bride. We ♥ you!

I see so many pictures… and each image evokes a different emotional response. I have so much fun curating little collections and I hope that whatever your circumstance may be today, at least one of these images makes you smile. These certainly make me smile…

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