“Never allow waiting to become a habit, live your dreams and take risks, life is happening now.”2625312fd5dc519ced37523b85e662c6

Happy Saturday!

I have no idea where to begin. Life has been non stop — relationships, work, moving…  its been quite a journey the past six months.  For a long time my heart was too broken to pick up the pen (so to speak) and do any kind of writing.  But as time passed, it allowed me to slowly heal enough to be able to gain back my voice and finally get back to normal. Sincerest apologies for the long hiatus. I look forward to sharing all of the exciting things that have happened as well as so many wonderful things that are currently in the works.  I am so blessed to be doing some incredible photo shoots with wonderful teams and magazines. I can’t wait to post them! For now, wishing you a gorgeous weekend filled with everything beautiful that you dream about and wish for, including those simple pleasures often taken for granted.  Wether that be a relaxing night of sleep or a steaming cup of fine coffee, may you appreciate it all and take time to smell the roses, everyday.


“We have to remember that we can still do anything. We can change our minds. We can start over. The notion that it is too late to do something is comical.  We must not lose the sense of possibility, because in the end, it’s all we have.”

– Marina Keegan