January 2012

Behind the runway lies a world of glamour and chaos. Elie Saab’s spring collection inspires ladylike elegance — fabrics made of delicate lace, tulle and sequins — bringing one back to an era of luxury. An era when men wore top hats during the day and women graced long white gloves for afternoon tea. Escape into a fanciful world of beauty and style. Let the show begin!

{all images via the cinderella project and this is glamorous}

Nothing makes me quite as happy as a beautiful table setting. Long family style tables are becoming more and more popular for couples that want opulent overhead decor such as chandeliers and hanging floral arrangements for their wedding. The tables below feature bountiful floral arrangements enveloped under a glowing canopy of chandeliers. Each set up is unique and glamorous. Enjoy!

The amazing Alchemy Fine Events & Invitations event design company collaborated with the talented Isari Flower Studio and Justin Lee for a stylish sun drenched afternoon photo shoot in Solana Beach, California. I went to their studio for a magazine shoot several months ago and was blown away by the design of the studio and the warmth and kindness of Vanessa. I am so happy to feature this gorgeous beach wedding inspiration, “A look that could express a bride that is mod and glamorous, yet still a California beach girl at heart.” Not only is the dreamy beach location bathed in the breathtaking light of the sunset — but the table setting in a plain white room would still be just as romantic, ornate and utterly stunning. Enjoy these photos, let them transport you to a warm summer’s night and get inspired for some wedding day romance!

Visit their site and blog by clicking *HERE*

Create this Brigitte Bardot inspired style in 2 easy steps: Tease the back of your hair with a fine tooth comb, take two small sections from the front of each side of your face and tie them together in the back! You can braid em or leave em straight. Easy enough!