April 2013


As you know, being the romantic type that I am, I simply adore chandeliers, their sparkle and shine, the way they catch the light perfectly in every room…  I am swept away by the smallest of life’s pleasures, flowers the color of morning mist, silk, tulle, and a list that could go on and on… I dream of a sort of place found only in romantic flits and fleets of the mind; a  place that wraps the senses in a silky weave of entrapment, for there, its beauty is unmatched and its allure, boundless.






{cursive via-this is glamorous}

Today is the beginning of another spectacularly bright and sunny day for laughter and rays of golden sun, falling upon your skin and warming your soul . . .


The beauty of this world only emerges through affection, attention, interest and compassion; if you want to live in the paradise and joy of this place, open your eyes wide, and actually see this world by attending to its people, colors and details.

Veils… How do I love thee? These days brides are opting out of wearing a veil and breaking tradition, I think that is too bad. I love the symbolic lifting of the veil when the father gives away his daughter to the groom, passing the torch (so to say) for him to love, provide, protect and cherish her. Not only do I love the symbolism, but they are beautiful and keep in mind, without one, you might just look like a dressed up girl going to a gala event. The veil makes your wedding day look complete and 100% bridal!

p.s- I found my dream 2 cart engagement ring from tiffany’s pictured below… such a work of art. Love at first sight. 🙂









Whether you’re using the much sought after trendy pattern for table linens, fashion, furniture, wedding decor or stationary, the trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. It’s extra hot right now and I believe it will become a classic. It is currently the new “stripe” in the pattern world. Here is a taste of some chevron amazingness . . .

Don’t save things for a special occasion. Everyday of your life is a special occasion.

— Thomas Monson











{cursive via-this is glamorous}


Two highly charged and bold colors come together in beautiful harmony to create the perfect summer fashion statement. Isn’t the sparkle of color, like the pop of pink on the lips, one of the loveliest things? So very bold and sexy, and perfectly chic for late-april date nights and dinners on a terrace or dancing till dawn… whether for fun or romance, have fun with color, you’ll certainly turn heads… {in a good way} 😉







Craving something sweet? Sink your teeth into some of these beautiful idea’s for wedding cakes. I found some gorgeous and trendy cakes that I fell in love with, The cake that looks like a water-color art piece is truly remarkable. I love the first one also, simple, beautiful and romantic. I hope these might inspire you when choosing your cake…





I love home decor like I love fashion, {and you know how much I love fashion} so it’s surprising that I haven’t posted more on it in the past, as you can tell this will now be changing.

I adore this first picture for several reasons, the fabulous and chic chevron wooden floors along with the white beautifully shaped {yet simplistic} bed, finished off perfectly with delicate side tables and a beautiful golden french style bench that sits at the foot of the bed.  I must say,the blue wall confuses me and actually ruins the vibe of the room, so I’d paint that immediately if it were my space, but 99% of it is fabulous and inspiring!


The beautiful and sophisticated living room pictured below, scream elegance and bachelorette pad, because it is  pretty girly {in the most fabulous way} 🙂 Colors of cream, light grey, tan and pops of blush give the room a warm and feminine feeling, while the dark floors and few furniture pieces somewhat ground the room, adding in a touch of masculinity making it more modern and chic. Of course I love the fresh florals and giant mirror that reflects light and adds dimension.


Lastly, I’ve always loved silk anything, and drapes that puddle on the bottom of the floor are straight out of royal style decor and are an easy go-to way to make a space look sophisticated and rich. The tufted style couch and golden chandelier add to the romance and sheer decadence of the room, making it true French style decor that transports one straight to Paris . . . J’adore


All in all, here are a few ideas if you’re in the midst of a home remodel. And for those of us who aren’t but just like to dream, that’s ok too.   😉


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