April 2011

Sincerest apologies for my absence both on here and on Twitter. My days have been filled trying to organize, strategize and prioritize with work and social obligations. I am packing my bags and off to do a wedding in Scottsdale, Arizona this weekend. I couldn’t be more excited, The bride might be one of the most gorgeous brides ever… I can’t wait to come back with a full report detailing all of the loveliness from this “Royal Wedding” 😉

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White -unblemished, elegant, simple, and stunning- the color of purity and new beginnings. . . .

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I had such a lovely surprise waiting in my inbox this morning. A message from my good friend Diana, short and sweet: “You’d love these” with a link to the photographer Irene Suchocki’s Etsy store. And I do… love these 🙂 {click on the link at the bottom of the page to view her entire collection}

I saved my favorite for last. I will definitly be purchasing this one to frame.

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This picture makes me happy 🙂 Do I need another reason?

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Good Friday turns us to the cross, and to his eyes, and we hear these words, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” We see in that cross a love so amazing, so divine, that it loves us even when we turn away from it, or spurn it, or crucify it. There is no faith in Jesus without understanding, that on the cross we see into the heart of God and find it filled with mercy for the sinner. . . whoever he or she may be.

“Exalt the Cross! God has hung the destiny of the race upon it. Other things we may do in the realm of ethics, and on the lines of philanthropic reforms; but our main duty converges into setting that one glorious beacon of salvation, Calvary’s Cross, before the gaze of every immortal soul.”

– Theodore Ledyard Cuyler

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