June 2010

Photo by: Elizabeth Messina

Head pieces are the new trend in bridal fashion. Ranging from simple delicate headbands to more ornate hats and veils. Anything goes these days and I love how traditional wedding looks have taken on a new and beautiful twist. I find the trend to be reminiscent of avant guard fashion from earlier centuries seen in Paris and England, when luxury and fashion intertwined for the rich and royal. Now… every woman can be a princess, duchess, or queen. At least… adorned as such. 🙂


This beautiful wedding was shot by my favorite photographer Jose Villa. So its amazing… not much more needs to be said. Enjoy 🙂

I am tearing through the gorgeous coffee table book called “Valentino: Themes and Variations.” It’s such a beautiful book for those who love Valentino or for anyone who appreciates haute couture. These pictures take my breath away… *le sigh*

Pictures via Fashion Journalist in the City

Photograph by Marcus Ohlsson

Forgive my lack of blogging recently… I am back and will try to post something new everyday. Even if it is a simple but lovely picture like the one above… Cheers to summertime, waves, the beach, and sunsets…

And a beautiful dress by J. Crew….

~ Are you Up with love

~ Such lovely Calligraphy Address Stamps

~ Magical art using only paper

il n’est jamais trop tard pour être ce que tu veux être
it is never too late to be what you want to be . . .


. . .this weekend is fresh flowers, sunshine, champagne and most of all, much needed time with some loved ones. . .

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