* When you find lingerie that you love and fits well, buy it in multiples!! It’s harder than you might think to find that perfect fit.

* Boy shorts are my favorite thing to sleep in and can be very sexy, but please do not wear them under clothes. You will inevitably get the dreaded underwear line under your clothes and nothing is less sexy!

* Wear what makes you feel sexy. Confidence is the most important part of this whole experience — and is the key ingredient in feeling beautiful and desirable. If you feel supremely confident, you’re doing it right.

* When it comes to matching your bra with your panties, there are no rules. I like to buy multiple pairs that match certain bras so that I’m able to mix and match without much thought or effort. Besides, you are usually the only one who knows what’s on underneath, have fun with your choices.

* Experiment with colors that compliment your skin tone. I have porcelain skin, so anything bright or black tends to compliment my coloring. But again, I encourage you to have fun! Whatever makes you feel pretty, feminine or sexy is what you should buy. When in doubt, buy black. It looks good on everyone and is easy to find.

* This is about having fun. If anyone makes you feel like you’re doing the wrong thing or you aren’t completely gorgeous in your lingerie, there is something wrong with them, not you. And if you’re wearing lingerie because you felt pressured into it, that’s a problem too. Only do what makes you feel comfortable, amazing and special- whether that includes lingerie or not.



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