December 2011

It’s a sunny, cool and beautiful day here in San Diego. I’m cosy and warm in one of my favorite sweaters (shown above from Bloomingdale’s) catching up on emails, phone calls, and dizzying tasks before the new year arrives. Tonight will be home cooked italian food, a feature film and some very special company… I hope that your week is going beautifully wherever you are. 🙂

Well, tomorrow I jet off to the sunshine state –Arizona– to spend a few merry days with my family. I am beyond excited to see my beautiful cousin Angii and her boyfriend Wyatt. And of course my amazing mother and father. I would be lying if I didn’t mention a few particular gifts that are begging to be ripped open on Christmas day. I normally get much MUCH more excited about the presents that I painstakingly pick out every year for each individual family member… But this year, since I picked out all of my gifts during an impromptu shopping trip with my mother, I am feeling pretty elated to open some of my own. What about you? Have you finished your shopping yet? Parking lots this time of year are similar to driving in heavy rain with several drunk drivers… so if you do happen to venture out, God speed! 😉

I feel the need to say a few words about my personal growth as well as some very exciting news for Couture Makeup. I believe in taking leaps. Following our gut. Trusting our instincts. Passion for life. Living our best life. Whatever that may be. My best steps in life have been leaps – I left Arizona after living there my entire life because I felt like I needed a fresh start. I left my corporate job on a overwhelming feeling that I needed to be doing something I was more passionate about… When I moved Couture Makeup to California, I had hopes that it would grow more prominent than it was in Arizona. Exactly a year later, I will be moving into my own business location in Little Italy, San Diego. My dreams are coming true. Just yesterday I was chosen to be the premiere makeup artist for a large and prestigious event out of many applicants in San Diego. I do not say this to gloat, I say it with excitement and a most grateful heart, especially to Mrs. Krystel Tien of Couture Events who helped make that possible. There are so many more examples, and so many times people think I am crazy while taking those leaps, but come to find out I’ve just always trusted my heart. Trusted that my “mistakes” are for a purpose. Tried to live my best life. Let my journey be an inspiration to follow your dreams, a fabulous reminder of why living your own life, full of passion, is so important. You never know what could happen…


Can you believe it is already mid December?! I tend to get my Christmas shopping done early, but for anyone who has yet to finish, here are a few ideas–lovely items with bits of gold and shades of blush– sure to please that special woman in your life. Happy shopping!!

1 – pave bow pendant // 2 – satomi kawakita bar ring  // 3 – le pégase d’hermès silk twill scarf //4 – marni frame clutch //5 – andy lifschutz jewelry next level bronze ring [via creature comforts] // 6 – agent provocateur lucienne tulle and lace underwired bra // 7 – nixon 42-20 chrono stainless steel watch // 8 – acqua di parma iris nobile in eau de parfum creamy shower gel // 9 – loeffler randall zuri stiletto rose gold metallic snake printed leather //10 – by terry rose balm // 11 – zara travel case

{via this is glamourous}

Step into the world of
Couture Events!
This is our office in Little Italy!

1665 Union Street
San Diego, CA 92101
Photos by the amazing and talented Reanna McHugh from
Be True Photography via Couture Events San Diego designed by Krystel Tien!