February 2010

This wedding makes me smile in that, oh-how-completely-lovely kind of way. And the photographs by Rebecca at Docuvitae are rich, full of color, emotion, style and substance. Rebecca also captured the most beautiful black and whites you’ve ever seen. Little works of art. Congratulations beautiful girl.


Some things that I am grateful for this morning:

– My amazing boyfriend
– Miss Poppy (Bertha-as I like to call her) – who always makes work a little more fun 🙂
– The awesome girlies that I had coffee with last night (♥ you Melissa and Amanda!)
– Mary Celeste!
– The rain outside

Happy Monday!

I couldn’t resist giving you a little preview…I ♥ these veil shots so much! Which probably doesn’t surprise you by now… I have a veil obsession. 🙂 Stay tuned for more pictures from the gorgeous event.

• I like my job. That’s pretty awesome…
• There is a boy in my life who really makes me smile
• The 3 yr old I babysit played with Legos this morning and I longed for the uncomplicated days of childhood.
• I’m so thankful to have Diana *click her name to read her awesome blog* back in my life. She is such a blessing and always makes me smile.
• Trying to look “perfect” for work and life is exhausting
• I’d give anything for some LGO pizza right now….too bad I live in Tucson.
• I can’t remember the last time I laid in the grass and looked at the stars
• I miss North Coast Church in California, best church ever…(still listen to the podcasts every week)
• I am so so excited to visit my sister in SD this weekend. It’s been TOO long.
• I am blessed to be meeting some AMAZING new friends in the last month.