November 2013

A little rock in roll + romance…


One of the sexiest ways to wear lace is to pair it with leather. A romantic lace skirt or dress can easily be updated and take on some edge with the addition of a simple leather jacket. To keep this trend balanced and lady-like, wear your hair in a simple chignon or soft romantic waves. An easy date night look for any season.






I have received requests to write more posts about fashion, trends and my personal style. So this year, I plan on taking the blog in a totally different direction and writing less about weddings and more about life, fashion and beauty. I will share personal tips and favorites along with all the hot trends to help inspire your style!

For today, it’s all about taking nighttime looks and showing you how to wear them during the day. Sequins, diamond necklaces and flirty tulle are no longer reserved just for cocktail dresses and date nights. Styled correctly, any of these looks can be worn during the day and (dramatic pause…) even at work.  Sequin embellished items are very easy to find, what’s not easy, is knowing how to wear them without looking cheap.   Follow a few of my simple ideas and guidelines to add some chic glamour into your wardrobe!


1) For a less intimidating start to wearing sequins during work hours, one might consider matte sequins (as shown below). They are all the fun of regular sequins without their “look at me!!” shine.  I find matte sequins to be very now and ultra chic. You can easily wear them during the day without much thought.


2) When wearing sequins it’s important to keep everything else muted and solid so that your one sequin item can have its moment. No loud prints or fabrics.  The easiest way to introduce sequins into any wardrobe is to add a single accessory.  For example, a sequin clutch would be the perfect accessory to give your outfit some glamour. (HARLOW MATTE-SEQUINED ENVELOPE CLUTCH by BCBG on sale $68.00 shown below – also in black and silver)






3) After you have chosen the item that you will be wearing here is advice on color… Let your sequins do the talking!  Steer clear of bright colors , the shine of the sequins alone are loud enough – even in black.  We want these looks to be day appropriate and in some cases even work appropriate.  We also want them to look grown-up and sophisticated.  No one does chic + sequins better than J. Crew.  They always style their looks perfectly, I often flip through their catalogs when I’m in a rut to get inspired. Every season J. Crew comes out with it No 2 pencil skirt embellished completely in sequins in all sorts of colors, it is absolutely stunning while still remaining work appropriate. Below are great examples of different styles and ways to wear this trend perfectly.









4) You can easily add drama to any outfit by simply throwing on a statement necklace. The trend for fall is wearing two separate necklaces, one made of rhinestones and another made of pearls, layered together and worn in a sort of jumbled mess, it’s undone sophistication. There is no hard and fast rule on this, some girls like to wear two diamond necklaces together! Pick what you like and own it! One of my favorite looks during the fall and winter is a simple sweater accented by a beautiful necklace.





5) And finally, tulle! It isn’t just for ballerinas! I am obsessed with the comeback of this ‘ladies who lunch’ hem on the new and improved tulle skirt. Well, to be honest, it’s not a comeback yet… But trust me, I’m ahead of the masses on this trend! With a few classy touches, anyone can wear this romantic and feminine style.  Make sure your skirt is not too full so that it’s wearable and you don’t look like a ballerina.  Another important tip is to wear a pair of high sexy heels with this look.  This might be the trickiest trend of the bunch, it must be styled perfectly so that it looks modern, sexy and sophisticated.  Pay attention to the way it is styled below, every other part of your look must be spot on in order to wear this trend properly.




In conclusion, there are a few DONTS to keep in mind:

– Sequins on shoes are tacky it never ever looks classy. To achieve the same idea get shoes embellished with Swarovski crystals.

– Limit your outfit to one piece that is embellished with sequins or rhinestones. Any more than that is going to be too much.

– If you are short, the tulle skirt is going to need to be a little shorter so that you aren’t swallowed by its volume. WEAR HEELS!

– With every trend mentioned above, keep your hair, makeup and accessories simple, age appropriate and classy.

Have fun with your style! Be brave and try something new, become a trendsetter !!  xo

Hello! After a summer hiatus from blogging, I am very happy to be back and filled to the brim with ideas, inspiration and articles that are going to be some of my best work to date!  I enjoyed some time off to travel, work several beautiful weddings and get back to my “day” job at M.A.C cosmetics! I couldn’t be happier, life seems to have fallen into place over the past 3 months. I adore my job and going to work everyday is a joy.  I have wonderful people surrounding me which makes me extremely lucky and very happy…

Back to the beauty!  Here is a small sampling of the fall trends that you will be seeing this season:

It’s all about GREY:



№ 01- Tom Binns grande dame crystal tangled necklace
№ 02 – Equipment Sloane cashmere sweater
№ 03 – Diptyque Baies Noir Candle
№ 04 – Yves Saint Laurent all-in-one bb cream skin tone corrector
№ 05 – Malene Birger agrippa tote
№ 06 – Saint Laurent lulu medium leather and suede shoulder bag
№ 07 – Repetto the Cendrillon leather ballet flats
№ 08 – Nars limited edition -pierre hardy nail set, easy walking
№ 09 – La Perla vintage plissé lace soft-cup bra

Berry pink lips and big smiles ruled the runway at fall fashion week. The secret weapon, M.A.C. Chromatographic Pencil in Process Magenta, along with light foundation and tons of mascara! Fresh, healthy, and happy.

Diane von Furstenberg Fall 2013 RTW


Easy & chic pony tails are big this fall. Dressed up with simple hardware, this easy style becomes instantly polished.





Dark blues and black are replaced with more neutral shades — nude, grey and beige. These colors go beautifully with all of the grey and white textiles that will be huge all season.


** photo-this is glamorous