January 2010

I have a new obsession. I was running errands yesterday and stopped into the AVEDA store to buy hairspray. The sales woman quickly welcomed me at the door with a cup of hot tea. I’m not much of a tea drinker…I like my coffee… but her kindness and the cold rain outside persuaded me to take a sip. It was the best tasting tea I’ve ever tried! It tastes sweet but there is no sugar in it which makes it great for dieting! I was in such a rush to buy the tea that I almost forgot to get my hairspray! I premiered it last night for my guest while we sat by the campfire, his words were, “This is the sweetest tea I’ve ever tasted!” And I’m going to have to agree. Success! Go buy it. Right now. I mean… right now, I hope your shoes are on and you’re headed out the door. You’ll thank me later. 😉


Sunday I had the pleasure of working on a photoshoot for the lovely miss Diana Jung. She is so beautiful and we had tons of fun styling the vintage themed shoot. Here is my favorite photo from the day. Captured by Trudy Hill. 🙂 Love you Di! xoxo

I went on a minor shopping spree last night. OK, it was major. And I might have dipped into my NYC vacation fund….but oh well, it was worth it. I got a comfy pair of cream colored Uggs (on sale for $50 from $200!!), a designer dress ($46 marked down from $350!!), and some Prevage face cream (yes, the expensive one…we wont mention the price…what can I say!? It works miracles during the dry winter!) Thank goodness for my Dillards employee discount! The only thing that I did pay full price for was my favorite candle by Henri Bendel called Firewood. And it was worth every penny 🙂

But, now I’m done shopping… That is, until 2ish when I go to La Encantada to pick up some fixings for dinner tonight. I might stop into J Crew…. Did I mention I’m cooking for a dinner date? I know… my heart is beating really fast.

Happy Monday! I have a special designer I would like you all to meet, her name is Emerson. She is the brillient mastermind behind a beautiful and unique collection of handmade gifts. Do you know of any men who are searching for a unique way to propose? Take a look at her romantic pieces that are sure to steal her heart. And for the ladies, if you adore dainty chic fashion, you will swoon over the ohh so sweet flower belts, pins, and hair pieces! {I did!!!} Click here to shop the full emersonmade selection, it’s paper and fabric heaven!! Just in time for some Valentines Day LOVE!

BONNE ANNEE! {Happy New Year in French}

I believe that 2010 is a year for greatness and a year of new beginnings. And part of this year’s new beginning is a new and improved blog. I have several new readers and subscribers so let’s get a little more informally acquainted.

My name is Katy, though I am often referred to as kates, katelynn, or katy bug (because it rhymes with lady bug) you can take your pick. I’ll always respond to beautiful and gorgeous so feel free to use those 😉 My passions in life include God, my family and friends, fashion, makeup, all things beautiful, flowers, cupcakes (vanilla with butter cream frosting), candles that smell like woodsy vanilla and pretty much all things girly. I really must add that I am a sucker for a cold beer…which is not so girly, but whatever…. moving right along…I have spent the past year using this blog as a place to post wedding inspiration and all of the beautiful weddings that I’ve had the pleasure of participating in throughout 2009. Don’t worry, none of that will change. I am wedding obsessed and you will continue to devour tons of gorgeous pictures along with everything fabulous that you love about this wedding website. What will be different, are the additional posts sprinkled in to the mix, and these posts, will touch into a more personal side. Let me warn you upfront, I’ve never considered myself a great writer… in fact; several people *ehum-my sister the journalist -* frequently make fun of my spelling “handicap” {thank goodness for spell check!}. Nevertheless, I’m excited to give it a go! I am happy to share all of the beautiful and sometimes not so beautiful moments in 2010. Moments that make me smile, things that make me laugh, and the moments that make my heart beat a little faster. I might even let you in on my profound mind-wanderings about the craziness that is the life of a single girl. So, cheers to my new blog endeavor! Wish me luck.

A Few Resolutions for the New Year:

~ Continue writing boldly on matters such as faith, love, and the relationship with my Savior, Jesus Christ!

~ Be more present for my friends and family by seeing them, calling them and reading/responding to my mail instead of Facebooking nothingness.

~ Give more!!! More of my time, energy, and money to those in need.

~ Learn more French… and continue to work on my Spanish

~ Exercise. By this I mean, getting into the best shape of my life, I need more energy.

~ Get organized… I mean, REALLY organized. Running a business is a whole new ball game

~ Fall madly, truly and deeply in LOVE ♥!!!! How’s that for a resolution… 😉

Below is the most beautiful, unique, exceptional, and fabulous {my personal favorite…can you tell?} flower of them all… ranunculus! *potential suitors, you might want to write that down* 😉

Ahh…The return of one of my favorites, ranunculus, makes the cool and rainy month of January (and we’ve had some rain this week!) a bit brighter. When ranunculus flowers are in season, their size and color variations can’t be beat. Brides who are planning to tie the knot in January of 2011 (and yes, it’s not too early to plan, I’ve already booked two weddings for that month)… should consider adding these amazing flowers to your décor. Ranunculus are generally in season from January to May, they are reasonably priced this time of year and can be ordered from local flower farms. A cluster of pristine white ranunculus could easily be mistaken for garden roses upon first glance, and the multitude of petals, sometimes 25 rows deep, adds amazing depth to a bouquet. As an added bonus they usually last for a couple of weeks, and like us they get better as they age 😉

Here are a few bouquets containing the gorgeous flowers, get inspired!

Once in a while, I have the pleasure of seeing a wedding that takes place outside of Arizona. This year I had the joy of experiencing one in Maui and three in California. It always inspires me to plan my own wedding *that is, when I meet mr. right ;)* in some exotic far away place. Well… after seeing this wedding, I think Napa might be that enchanted location I dream of. The wedding of Michelle and Steve takes everything that I love…vintage chandeliers, garden roses, organic detailing, French inspired elegance…and smashes it all together in a total piece of wedding heaven. And since I am kind of a blubbering idiot over this affair, I think that we should just jump right into the photographs that Jose Villa shot. They tell the story to perfection.

In all sincerity, the result of Michelle and Steve’s incredible wedding planning will definitely go down in Couture Makeup history as a favorite. Its true wedding love for me! Ahhh *Im swooning*… I would so much rather see a couple put their money towards just a few hours with a great photographer, than settle on a photographer that is mediocre. The keepsakes that a great photographer can provide are priceless. Which of course is exactly why I’m so in love with Jose Villa. His photographs are little works of art that you get to enjoy forever…

Okay, if you aren’t already sitting down…you probably should be. I’ve saved the best of today’s wedding for last. The reception tables. These reception tables are quite possibly the most beautiful tables I’ve ever seen in my entire life and have completely inspired me to start collecting chandeliers as a hobby. A chandelier in every room of my house, maybe two.

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