July 2012

Summer Lip Scrub | For Kissable Lips

* 1tsp honey
* 1 tsp olive oil
* 2 tsp granulated sugar
* a few drops of lemon jiuce
* a few drops of your favourite essential oil

1. Place the honey in a small bowl & warm in the microwave for 4 – 5 seconds
2. Add the remaining ingredients & stir to combine
3. Apply to your lips with a q-tip using a circular motion
4. Continue the circular motion for about 1 minute
5. Rinse with warm water, pat dry & apply your favourite lip moisturizer

Follow by kissing the person you love. Several times. 🙂


The dress featured below is one of my favorite dresses ever made. My dear friend — one of our brides this month — will be wearing it on her wedding day. I jokingly asked her if I could buy it from her when she was done with it, because I love it so much. To my delight she said, “YES!” Haha! Now I just need to get engaged and plan a wedding, no big deal… 😉

I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday! Celebrate ♥ today.

{thank you amour-love}

These charming, girly, oh-so-cute vintage bookmarks are a wonderful and unique gift idea — perfect for any special woman in your life. Mothers, grandmothers & friends who like to read would definitely love one of these adorable handmade gifts.

This creative design and idea is brought to you by jewelry designer Andrea Singarella, who fashioned these up for just a few dollars each!

Create your own:

1- Cut velvet ribbon into nine-inch lengths
2- Purchase ribbon clamps the same width as your ribbon (from $1.50 per 10 pack)
3- Use flat-nose jewelry pliers to affix clamps to both ends of each ribbon
4- Finish by attaching charms, trinkets, or vintage earrings (from 25 cents each; eebeads.com) to the clamps with jump rings ($4.12 per 100 pack)

Note: Michaels probably has all of these items if you’re looking for a one stop shop!

{found here}

Can you name a beauty bag must have for every girl? Highlighter — whether accentuating a pout or aiming for sky high cheek-bones, this beauty trick is a miracle worker! For luminous, dewy complexions similar of these Louis Vuitton beauties, liquid solutions are perfect — here are a few favorites:

1. YSL’s Touche Éclat — it’s promise: ‘Capture eight hours of sleep with the click of a pen’

2. Benefit’s High Beam — perfect for all complexions & all skin tones

3. Chanel’s ÉCLAT-LUMIÈRE — a concealer, brightener & highlighter all in one

4. MAC Strobe Cream — Brightens and clarifies with iridescent particles and antioxidants

5. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector — creates instant radiance and vitality and reduces imperfections

— Cleverly reflecting light out, when placed under your eyes dark circles will disappear
— Applied to the bridge of your nose, more light will be brought to the center of your face
— Your cheeks will subtly catch the light as you move, creating wonderfully high cheek bones
— For a perfectly plump pout, apply a small amount to your cupids bow — instantly fuller lips

{via amour-love}