Top Rated Eye Creams


Newsflash!! The skin around the eyes is 10 times thinner than the skin on your face, and it ages 36 percent faster, so if you’re not treating it with a little extra TLC, it’s time to start. Here are some of the best eye creams that target a ton of issues so that you’re left looking younger, more awake, and bright-eyed!  Recently I went on a search to find the top eye creams by reviewers and here is a total beauty list to narrow down the millions of options out there to find the right one for you! These are not listed in any particular order, pay attention to reviewer rating 1-10 and your specific concerns, Happy shopping!


Best Eye Cream No. 11: Clarins Super-Restorative Total Eye Concentrate, $83 average member rating: 8.0*
Why it’s great: Reviewers call this eye cream “amazing,” “very effective” and a “must-have.” One reviewer says it “absorbs quickly, isn’t greasy” and keeps her eyes looking “fresh and young.” While many reviewers acknowledge its high cost, they find that it is “ultimately worth the money.”04-totalbeauty-logo-best-eye-creamsBest Eye Cream No. 10: La Mer The Eye Concentrate, $195 average member rating: 8.4*
Why it’s great: La Mer—the crème de la crème—the most expensive and, arguably, most famous product in our list. As fancy as it is (it’s even got a silver-tipped applicator!), it’s just as effective. This product is luxury at its best! Reviews say it is the only eye cream that has help dramatically diminish dark circles. Others chime in, saying it is “fantastic for under eye dark circles” and that they have noticed significant results in just four weeks. And, “most importantly, no milia,” says one reviewer.03-totalbeauty-logo-best-eye-creamsBest Eye Cream No. 9:Benefit It’s Potent! Eye Cream, $34 Average rating: 8.6*

Why it’s great: True to its name, this cream is “remarkably, wonderfully potent,” according to reviewers. This moisturizer is “made to brighten the eye area and fade dark circles … [it] means what it says and says what it means,” writes one satisfied reviewer. “This is unbelievable,” writes another. “It is really rich and creamy, and a little goes a long way.”

02-totalbeauty-logo-best-eye-creams (1)

Best Eye Cream No. 8: Dermalogica Age Smart Multivitamin Power Firm, $58 average rating: 8.6*
Why it’s great: “I swear by this product,” says one reviewer, who claims she saw a “difference in lines in the first week.” Reviewers also love the texture of this eye cream: “It goes on silky and isn’t greasy at all.” Overall, reviewers are impressed with this “great eye cream” that “helps with lines” and “getting rid of puffiness.”06-totalbeauty-logo-best-eye-creamsBest Eye Cream No. 7: Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado, $47 average rating: 8.7*
Why it’s great: This “thick and creamy” eye treatment is a favorite among reviewers because it “is rich and goes on smoothly.” The refreshing “cooling sensation” it delivers is another perk. “All I need is a small amount and it makes my under eye skin soft, smooth and glowy,” sums up one reader.


Best Eye Cream No. 6: Dermalogica Total Eye Care SPF 15, $48 average rating: 8.9*
Why it’s great: “I swear that after using this product for a week people asked me what I was doing differently,” raves one reviewer, who writes that she “can’t live without this.” Other readers express similar feelings, saying it “smoothes the delicate eye area and has a very light tint that brightens and blends well.” As one reviewer summarizes: It “helps with fine lines, puffiness and dark circles, plus SPF. What more could you ask for?01-totalbeauty-logo-best-of-eye-creamBest Eye Cream No. 5: ZO Skin Health Olluminate Intense Eye Repair, $130 average rating: 8.9*
Why it’s great: Readers say this “intense eye repair cream” has a “great anti-aging formula” that is “very high-quality” and “pretty amazing.” It “reduces lines,” helps with “puffiness and dark circles” and “keeps skin fresh, hydrated and supple.” One reviewer is impressed that the cream is “not too heavy” or greasy, which means she can “apply eye makeup over it in the morning without the makeup smudging.”04-totalbeauty-logo-best-of-eye-creamBest Eye Cream No. 4: Mario Badescu Ceramide Eye Gel, $18 average rating: 9.3*
Why it’s great: Readers love this cooling eye gel for reducing puffiness. In addition, they say it “makes the under-eye look smoother” and is “moisturizing.” A few reviewers recommend keeping it in the fridge because it “works even better to de-puff if you keep it cold.” One fan notes it takes only “five minutes for it to reduce puffiness and dark circles.”


Best Eye Cream No. 3: Shiseido Future Solution LX Eye and Lip Contour Regenerating Cream, $130 average rating: 9.4*
Why it’s great: Don’t be deterred by this eye cream’s steep price tag, reviewers say. They call this “fantastic” product “one of the best eye creams” and say it’s “well worth the money.” One reader raves “it leaves [her] eyes and mouth smooth, moisturized and flawless.” Another claims “it got rid of [her] under eye circles immediately.” Still worried about the price? Reviewers swear that “a little goes a long way.”12-totalbeauty-logo-best-of-eye-creamBest Eye Cream No. 2: SkinCeuticals Eye Balm, $82 average rating: 9.6*
Why it’s great: Reviewers call this eye cream “the best.” They saw a “definite difference” in as little as “two weeks.” Other selling points? The formula is “very soothing,” “absorbs quickly,” “refreshes the eye area” and “is the best for aging skin.” As far as the price, one reader declares, “You get your money’s worth!”


Best Eye Cream No. 1: Borghese Fluido Protettivo Advanced Spa Lift for Eyes, $47.50 average rating: 9.9*
Why it’s great: This top-rated eye cream is described as “worth its weight in gold,” a “must-have” and “exceptional and effective.” Those with sensitive skin especially appreciate the “thin, fast-absorbing” formula because it “doesn’t sting, burn or irritate” their eyes. It has a protective, triple-action anti-oxidation and moisturizing shield system to fight environmental aggressors. It resurfaces skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles with MPG.  One reader says she “keeps coming back to this” product because she can feel her “skin tighten up and de-puff” immediately after applying it. Simply put: “You will not be disappointed.”