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You select lipstick shades basically the same way you choose your outfit. After all, it’s your own personal sense of style.

But what do your lipstick shades really say about you? You’ll find that the personality traits associated with lipstick colors will closely resemble your own personal fashion sense. Below is a wealth of knowledge and knowledge is power.  Remember this article when dressing for a specific occasion in which you wish to convey a certain feeling or emotion. Ahhh . . . the joy of makeup! Have fun! 🙂



Purple/Mauve Shades – The darker the shade the more regal the personality. Purple lipstick shades symbolize power, luxury and magic but also a little mystery. These colors are feminine and romantic, yet strong and confident. The lighter shades suggest a more restrained sophistication.




Orange/Peach Shades – Deeper orange shades represent fire, the sun, warmth and an individual who is just plain fun. Visually, the color orange is said to increase oxygen supply to the brain and to stimulate mental activity. As your shade transitions to a paler peach, you are perceived as cheerful and warm but more understated than the deeper orange lipstick shade. This balmy color also suggests your genuine warmth toward others.





Nude/Taupe Shades – These shades are the traditional colors of the earth. They suggest you are an orderly individual. You are viewed as warm, comfortable and wholesome. You also appear to others as genuine, natural and dependable. You are not overly outgoing and don’t get ruffled too easily. You generally look to find what is good in everything.  Side note:  very few people can pull off a straight nude and have it look stunning, true nudes wash out fair complexions, so choose one with just a hint of pink in it and  you will get a beautiful nude look.





Red Shades – This almost needs no description because the word itself stirs hot, sexy, or passionate emotions. If you wear red lipstick, you are outgoing and confident, and you’re not easily intimidated. You go after what you want and are passionate in your moods…both good and bad.




Pink Shades – Beautiful pillowy pink lips represent a kind of universal of love. Pink lipstick, a quieter version of red, suggests undertones of a little spunkiness just below the surface. Pink wearers are generally younger and lovers of all things beautiful. They project to others feeling of tenderness, self-worth and acceptance, yet a little innocence.



“I live by a man’s code, designed to fit a man’s world, yet at the same time I never forget that a woman’s first job is to choose the right shade of lipstick.”

-Carole Lombard



The bow — a staple of femininity — can be beautifully incorporated into perfectly age appropriate and fashion forward looks.   Wearing bows as an adult can be particularly challenging, the symbol can read somewhat young so it is important to style and integrate it into your look correctly. At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, designers (such as – Jason Wu, Valentino, Chanel & Christian Dior ) surprisingly inundated the runway with this fun and flirty accent.  Bows were used in belts, hairstyles, bags and most noticeably as framework of an entire garment’s silhouette (example: Giambattista Valli’s Couture jacket pictured below.)


A bow is a great way to soften any type of suiting apparel such as pant suits and basic office attire. Jason Wu showed a wonderful collection that featured a bow as the center statement on several blouses. The best way to wear bows and have them look modern, is to find a piece that mimics its basic silhouette in a new and fresh way.  The clutch pictured below is a perfect example of this…the bow silhouette mixed with modern design.



I love belts that tie into a bow around the waist.  Wether it is a separate piece or the actual fabric of the garment, this look is one of the easiest ways to incorporate the trend in a modern way.



And finally, nothing goes together quite as perfectly as heels + bows! 😉 Add sexiness and femininity into any look by slipping on a killer set of heels.




I’ve been living in grey these days — soft pullovers like jersey knit tees from J. Crew and cashmere beaded sweaters — layering material for warm days and cold summer nights.  Grey has always held an innate elegance.  I am inextricably drawn to all shades & hues — dark hues like charcoal or light ones such as heather grey, show the colors beautiful range.

Some fabulous inspiration centered around my new favorite color,  grey.  .  .





I love the Louis Vuitton bag pictured below. It definitely falls into a favorite category on my wish list. I think a grey bag is a fantastic alternative to black. It can be seen as a great neutral, similar to the way one can wear black — as it goes with everything!


Twigs and Honey designed a beautiful and unique collection of pieces designed simply to adorn hair.  Filled with gorgeous inspiration — these “tiaras” are fashioned using high quality gold, delicate cutouts of floral and leaf accents, and a few perfectly and elegantly placed rhinestones — ideal for any special event.

While some pieces in the collection are more glamorous than others, there are several that are quite simple in design. Personally, I think they would also be gorgeous dressed down, say, with jeans and heels, a finishing touch as the perfect accessory for any day of the week. But regardless of how you choose to sport them, every single piece is a work of art so if you decide to wear one, get ready for a ton of compliments. And don’t forget to smile, you’re now officially a princess for a day. . .




Especially these two, for women who opt out of a veil, these top and bottom pieces would be amazing for a wedding… adding just a little sparkle.





Photographed by Elizabeth Messina, via Ruby Press

When buying your honeymoon and bridal lingerie, don’t forget to plan for the most important night of all — the wedding night. When the wedding dress comes off, your lingerie should tempt the groom and scream sexy, beautiful, chic and angelic all at once. Traditionally, lingerie on the night of the wedding is white and not black, even though black is usually seen as much sexier. A long-standing tradition, white lingerie matches the day’s ambiance of purity and beauty, it is simply the cherry placed on top of your hopefully flawless day. But, don’t feel as though you have to keep this tradition, if you want ro wear pink, black, or yellow… do whatever your heart desires. But below are a few suggestions I thought up.


A couple of ideas:

1) Integrate in a sexy garter, they are beautiful and it’s the one night that wearing it actually makes sense.

2) Veil anyone? Yes, a veil. As pictured below, it gives an  angelic touch to the look and will be a great mental picture for your man forever on out… Due to the contents, I didn’t picture it below, but I’ve seen many boudoir shoots where the bride took photos nude with nothing but the veil incorporated into the shots. Let me say, they were beautifully done, very sexy and not tacky at all. Veils can be extremely sexy and beautiful… I mean, when else are you going to be able to wrap yourself in tulle and feel like a princess. Yes I said it, princess… a sexy princess. lol. ok  moving on …

3) Lingerie doesn’t need to be pricy, in fact, have it gifted to you at your shower. Ask for specific items for your shower. Go and find things that you want, try them on, make good notes (store, size, style, etc) that way, there will be no size guessing for your guests. Be clear and concise with your guests and you won’t end up with tacky lingerie for your shower and instead some beautiful pieces that fit well and will be used.  This means you must take the time to try things on to find what you like and what looks good. And on that note, happy shopping!





6494044253_cd5baeb6c1_o“You don’t love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her.” –Anonymous.



Can you name a beauty bag must have for every girl? Highlighter — whether accentuating a pout or aiming for sky high cheek-bones, this beauty trick is a miracle worker! For luminous, dewy complexions similar of these Louis Vuitton beauties, liquid solutions are perfect — here are a few favorites:

1. YSL’s Touche Éclat — it’s promise: ‘Capture eight hours of sleep with the click of a pen’

2. Benefit’s High Beam — perfect for all complexions & all skin tones

3. Chanel’s ÉCLAT-LUMIÈRE — a concealer, brightener & highlighter all in one

4. MAC Strobe Cream — Brightens and clarifies with iridescent particles and antioxidants

5. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector — creates instant radiance and vitality and reduces imperfections

— Cleverly reflecting light out, when placed under your eyes dark circles will disappear
— Applied to the bridge of your nose, more light will be brought to the center of your face
— Your cheeks will subtly catch the light as you move, creating wonderfully high cheek bones
— For a perfectly plump pout, apply a small amount to your cupids bow — instantly fuller lips

{via amour-love}

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