When buying your honeymoon and bridal lingerie, don’t forget to plan for the most important night of all — the wedding night. When the wedding dress comes off, your lingerie should tempt the groom and scream sexy, beautiful, chic and angelic all at once. Traditionally, lingerie on the night of the wedding is white and not black, even though black is usually seen as much sexier. A long-standing tradition, white lingerie matches the day’s ambiance of purity and beauty, it is simply the cherry placed on top of your hopefully flawless day. But, don’t feel as though you have to keep this tradition, if you want ro wear pink, black, or yellow… do whatever your heart desires. But below are a few suggestions I thought up.


A couple of ideas:

1) Integrate in a sexy garter, they are beautiful and it’s the one night that wearing it actually makes sense.

2) Veil anyone? Yes, a veil. As pictured below, it gives an  angelic touch to the look and will be a great mental picture for your man forever on out… Due to the contents, I didn’t picture it below, but I’ve seen many boudoir shoots where the bride took photos nude with nothing but the veil incorporated into the shots. Let me say, they were beautifully done, very sexy and not tacky at all. Veils can be extremely sexy and beautiful… I mean, when else are you going to be able to wrap yourself in tulle and feel like a princess. Yes I said it, princess… a sexy princess. lol. ok  moving on …

3) Lingerie doesn’t need to be pricy, in fact, have it gifted to you at your shower. Ask for specific items for your shower. Go and find things that you want, try them on, make good notes (store, size, style, etc) that way, there will be no size guessing for your guests. Be clear and concise with your guests and you won’t end up with tacky lingerie for your shower and instead some beautiful pieces that fit well and will be used.  This means you must take the time to try things on to find what you like and what looks good. And on that note, happy shopping!