These charming, girly, oh-so-cute vintage bookmarks are a wonderful and unique gift idea — perfect for any special woman in your life. Mothers, grandmothers & friends who like to read would definitely love one of these adorable handmade gifts.

This creative design and idea is brought to you by jewelry designer Andrea Singarella, who fashioned these up for just a few dollars each!

Create your own:

1- Cut velvet ribbon into nine-inch lengths
2- Purchase ribbon clamps the same width as your ribbon (from $1.50 per 10 pack)
3- Use flat-nose jewelry pliers to affix clamps to both ends of each ribbon
4- Finish by attaching charms, trinkets, or vintage earrings (from 25 cents each; to the clamps with jump rings ($4.12 per 100 pack)

Note: Michaels probably has all of these items if you’re looking for a one stop shop!

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