I had such a lovely surprise waiting in my inbox this morning. A message from my good friend Diana, short and sweet: “You’d love these” with a link to the photographer Irene Suchocki’s Etsy store. And I do… love these 🙂 {click on the link at the bottom of the page to view her entire collection}

I saved my favorite for last. I will definitly be purchasing this one to frame.

{Images via here}


 au revoir summer…until next year, or until I start to get too cold, in which case, I’ll head over to Hawaii and we shall meet again… 🙂

I have the most beautiful wedding to show you today…the bride..the groom…every single detail was amazing. Oh Jose Villa, you are such a genius. This was one of my favorite weddings to date. So much beauty.

Here is a collection of some of my favorite pictures from Christian Oth’s team. I find their style so impressive, each picture tells a story and has a photojournalism quality to it, which is a nice breath of fresh air considering that so many wedding photos have a “look this way and smile” vibe. Wedding photography has taken on a whole new style and quality in the last few years. And I am LOVING it! Note to brides, invest your money in a good photographer… it is SO important. And there are too many out there that are amateur and have lackluster style. Find someone amazing and fresh, these are photos you will keep forever so do your research! If you ever need help, I have several of names of professionals that I trust and would trust to do my own wedding. Enjoy these little pieces of art.

… Plans to sleep in late, smell the coffee, buy fresh flowers, and catch up on my fashion, beauty and science magazines…

Happy weekend lovlies…make it count

To celebrate Vania and Brian’s 2 year anniversary, they had Jose Villa snap some shots of them in their wedding attire and in another fun outfit. And as always, Jose did a brilliant job. You might wonder why I am always singing his praises and I guess I’ve never really told you the reason I love his work so much. Not only does he have the ability to capture the perfect shot, but he is one of the few photographers in the industry that shoots with film. Yes, old school film and absolutely no digital. I can tell a HUGE difference in his work from other styles. There is no right or wrong, it’s simply my taste. His photos are angelic.

Nothing like a opulant chandelier and one exquisite dress straight from the pages of Vogue UK to start out the day…