Hello, cupcake!

I love everything about this M•A•C line, almost as much as I love everything about a cupcake. Tastes like pure heaven, smells amazing and the sweet campaign is cute as a button! The new collection, Baking Beauties, contains — Lip glosses, paint pots, polishes, and lipsticks in sweet pastel hues that scream sherbet, summer, sweetness and fun. They premiered April 11th (last Friday) so get yours soon before they’re all sold out (they are already mostly sold out online so visiting stores is your best bet)! Wishing you sweet kisses and a beautiful weekend…


Baking Beauty, Cheery Cheery, Glacé, Sweet Tooth

Bleu Velvet, Confectionery, Pistachio Créme
mac-cupcake-paintpots-w724Dangerous Cuvée, Éclaire, Fancy Frosting, Let’s Skate, Mooncake

Devil’s Food, Lavender Whip, Pure Decoration, Raspberry Swirl