Minutes before this couple was about to walk down the aisle this photo was taken. As the bride was getting ready to line up, she heard the groom’s voice calling for her around the corner.  Flustered, she immediately told him, “Don’t come in here! Don’t look! You can’t see me before the wedding!” He laughed and said, ” I promise I wont look, but can you reach around this corner, take my hand and pray with me before we walk down the aisle?” She made her way over to him and took his hand, both in tears, the groom led the couple in prayer. He lifted their marriage up to God and asked Him to bless it, to remain at the center of it and to bless them on their wedding day. I am so glad this was caught on camera, it is one of my favorite pictures.

hope this reminds us all about what a wedding really signifies — two people joining their lives together in the presence of God, family and friends. Weddings are fun, pretty and exciting, but a wedding is about a marriage and not a party, may we always remember that.


Ashley and Matt hosted about 200 guests at their destination wedding held in Cabo at the Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort. It provided the most pristine spot for the breathtaking nuptials. Ashley and Matt went with all-white decor and a few silver and gray accents to add a luxe touch to the theme. The couple asked guests to dress in all white (This is very uncommon, and I usually disagree with the idea, but surprisingly, it turned out beautiful without taking anything away from the bride’s big moment) Don’t let the neutral tones fool you, their wedding video shows you just how fun a wedding with a poolside affair complete with loud music and good friends can be… This is, a destination wedding done right. . . Congrats.


First, watch this short, sweet and amazing wedding video…. Expertly shot by Angiel Zapien for Cinematic Touch

















Photography: James Christianson Photographer
Ceremony and Reception Site: Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Resort, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Gown: Lazaro
Formalwear: Ermenegildo Zegna
Invitations: Ceci New York
Flowers: Cabo Floral Studio
Suzanne Morel
: Linens, Things and More

The perfect wedding toast is a challenging but doable task.  Public speaking in general, is an art form in and of itself.  Wedding toasts can’t be too short (cheers!) nor can they drone on and on. It has to be funny but still sentimental. And so, if you’ve been tasked with toasting newlyweds, prepare to prep — and whatever you do, avoid these toasting faux pas!



1) Don’t be afraid to roast the bride or groom but know when enough is enough.

There’s a fine line between poking fun and being vulgar. So, don’t talk about how drunk they got at college and what trouble they used to get into. For starters it’s unoriginal, but mainly because grandma and the in-laws are in the audience too. You want the other member of the couple to feel touched emotionally, not embarrassed!

2) Don’t tell private jokes.
It doesn’t matter how funny you and five other of your friends think something is, if half the audience doesn’t know it, you’re excluding them and they’ll stop listening… and laughing, which equals awkward silences.

3) Don’t dwell on touchy subjects.
Avoid talking about differences in religion, race and especially exes. These topics are totally irrelevant to this day and it will make everyone feel super uncomfortable.

4) Don’t tell us how your friend is like your sister (Maids of Honor, this one’s for you).
We know you adore each other, that’s why she gave you the job. Tell us why you love her, why she’s so amazing and why she makes you laugh. If she has a sister who isn’t the maid of honor, don’t insult her.

5) Don’t just use adjectives to describe the person you are talking about.
You need to back up your descriptions with stories. The more specific you are the better the speech.

6) Don’t be overly sentimental.
Try for at least 70% humor and storytelling. When was the last time you left a wedding talking about an amazing speech that was all tears and ‘I love yous’? If you think back over all the time you’ve spent together you’ll find the juicy details about your friend and the humor.

7) Don’t speak for longer than 5 minutes.
It’s always better to leave the guests panting for more than wishing you’d stop.

8) Don’t get hammered at the open bar.
If a glass of wine or a shot of tequila gives you a bit of confidence then go for it. But no more than one until you’re done!

9) Don’t talk about yourself.
Yes you’ve shared hundreds of adventures with your best friend or sibling, but you are best man or maid because all those stories make you an expert on them. Look through your speech and count the ‘I’s.

10) Don’t let nerves get the better of you!
You’re about to deliver the best gift to your friend you’ve ever given them – it’s exciting and you should be looking forward to it. If you spend the whole speech freaking out, you’ll regret it afterwards and you only get one chance so enjoy every moment of it.

When buying your honeymoon and bridal lingerie, don’t forget to plan for the most important night of all — the wedding night. When the wedding dress comes off, your lingerie should tempt the groom and scream sexy, beautiful, chic and angelic all at once. Traditionally, lingerie on the night of the wedding is white and not black, even though black is usually seen as much sexier. A long-standing tradition, white lingerie matches the day’s ambiance of purity and beauty, it is simply the cherry placed on top of your hopefully flawless day. But, don’t feel as though you have to keep this tradition, if you want ro wear pink, black, or yellow… do whatever your heart desires. But below are a few suggestions I thought up.


A couple of ideas:

1) Integrate in a sexy garter, they are beautiful and it’s the one night that wearing it actually makes sense.

2) Veil anyone? Yes, a veil. As pictured below, it gives an  angelic touch to the look and will be a great mental picture for your man forever on out… Due to the contents, I didn’t picture it below, but I’ve seen many boudoir shoots where the bride took photos nude with nothing but the veil incorporated into the shots. Let me say, they were beautifully done, very sexy and not tacky at all. Veils can be extremely sexy and beautiful… I mean, when else are you going to be able to wrap yourself in tulle and feel like a princess. Yes I said it, princess… a sexy princess. lol. ok  moving on …

3) Lingerie doesn’t need to be pricy, in fact, have it gifted to you at your shower. Ask for specific items for your shower. Go and find things that you want, try them on, make good notes (store, size, style, etc) that way, there will be no size guessing for your guests. Be clear and concise with your guests and you won’t end up with tacky lingerie for your shower and instead some beautiful pieces that fit well and will be used.  This means you must take the time to try things on to find what you like and what looks good. And on that note, happy shopping!






A flower cannot blossom without sunshine,
and a man cannot live without love.


Veils… How do I love thee? These days brides are opting out of wearing a veil and breaking tradition, I think that is too bad. I love the symbolic lifting of the veil when the father gives away his daughter to the groom, passing the torch (so to say) for him to love, provide, protect and cherish her. Not only do I love the symbolism, but they are beautiful and keep in mind, without one, you might just look like a dressed up girl going to a gala event. The veil makes your wedding day look complete and 100% bridal!

p.s- I found my dream 2 cart engagement ring from tiffany’s pictured below… such a work of art. Love at first sight. 🙂








Healey and Rachel’s gorgeous wedding, I’ll let these simple extraordinary shots by Jose Villa do all the talking…





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