“You can never be overdressed or overeducated”

– Oscar Wilde


There is nothing quite as breathtaking and beautiful as this chandelier lined catwalk.  As images of art float down the runway, one shirt in particular caught my attention. Entirely composed of diamonds, it glided down the runway, catching every facet of light in the room, shimmering towards the awaiting flashes of photographers from around the world. Truly breathtaking, a stunning work of art.


Here, we love all style inspiration, from couture to the everyday woman.  But today it is all about elegance.  Beaded and silk works of art.  Shades of perfectly pretty neutrals, to bright accent pieces like fushia and red, all color is fitting for those sunlit days that fade into unforgettable summer nights . . .

Wishing you a summer of romance and style. xo


“Self-confidence is the best outfit, wear it, own it, rock it.”