From bridal to Vogue, the past two weeks have been a flurry of photo shoots. Each day was filled to the brim with beauty; gorgeous models, rainbows of makeup colors, hair tools strewn about, stunning wardrobe and accessories that would make any fashionista jealous! The fun, down to earth, humble and extraordinarily talented team, each an expert in their field, worked together so that everything ran smoothly and was a real collaboration.

I had the great pleasure of working with one of the most talented and amazing photographers ever, Josh Green, the crazy talented guy responsible for all of the incredible images pictured here. And Mish Mucho — the queen of style, who not only styled every single look at each shoot, but also did all of the model’s hair — she is a miracle worker, beautiful soul, and the best hair stylist around. Lastly, the amazing makeup artist, 😉 Couture Makeup, (yes, that’s me!!) Don’t worry my head has not swelled up, I simply felt lucky to be there contributing my skills and passion for the art of makeup by beautifying the girls for each look. With such an incredible team at my side, I truly had the time of my life. (insert Dirty Dancing song) 😉

There is another shoot to come that is stocked FULL of amazing pictures with a totally different vibe, but I can’t post those until the magazine goes to print, so until then, consider this your teaser!

I had such an amazing time working with this team, from each beautiful model, to our “dream team” of professionals that truly joined forces and worked together to make each shoot a success. There was even a moment when we were losing the sun so Mish and I lighted the shot with our iPhones! And the picture turned out amazing! Haha! Cheers to team work and the absolute pleasure of creating art.















Photography: Josh Green IG: @iamjoshgreen
Styling and Hair: Mish Mucho IG: @ms_mucho
Makeup: / IG: @couturemakeupca and @mskatylynn
Models: IG: @nicolekayclark, @kaylenalyssa, @elighmoon