Some designs are so uniquely pretty, they cause your imagination to stir, taking you to a time and place of tranquil beauty and gorgeous inspiration.  These rich shades of blue — turquoise, navy, dusk and even white — reminded me of the vibrant swirling mixtures of colors found in the breaking waves of the ocean . . .  And so, I was inspired, to design a post that captured the uniqueness of the beautiful and intricate fashions designed and inspired by the colors, creatures and life of the ocean.


It was easy, at first, to see how many of these delicate handmade dresses seemed inspired by the ocean. The ones above by Elle Saab were especially beautiful, they seemed to be directly inspired by sea coral. Each feminine gown — a medley of satin, organza and delicate beading — was designed using the most intricate details and textures. These dresses were made to float down runways — whether that be the catwalk of fashion week, an Oscar or Emmy red carpet, perhaps even the most important aisle – the wedding aisle, where true love awaits.  Let your imagination carry you away.  The couture beauty of each piece is truly a work of art, infused with all of the whimsy and romance of the sea.








This last dress, covered in stunning blue fringe, started it all — sashaying effortlessly, as if the ocean itself was floating down the catwalk —  left me awestruck and inspired to write this post.  I saw the ocean in it, I saw nature and art together . . . I saw truly breathtaking fashion.