LA VIE EN ROSE seems to be the slogan this spring, for everyone is smitten with all hues of pink, from bubblegum to orchid. While before, pink was almost too cliché for springtime. It seems this year it is being taken seriously by the fashion world, appearing everywhere from coats to dresses and taking the form of everything from satin to cashmere. Worn as a statement color or simply an understated touch, all hues of pink are being warmly embraced.  For what better color conjures up feelings of springtime and romance better than the shade of love itself?

I was very intentional choosing all of the different images, hues and styles pictured below.  I want you to appreciate the diversity and uniqueness of this season’s trend. Have fun with it! Spring (in my opinion) is the most magical and beautiful time of the year.  The passion of red mixed with the purity of white, results in the romance of pink. . . like the blushing of a lover’s cheeks.


“The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most.”

-John Ruskin