The written word is truly an amazing thing. With the help of it we can record our innermost thoughts and look back at them months, years even decades later. I write for many different reasons, sometimes to simply spread beauty that I find in a photograph, to spread happiness… Other times, I use this blog as an outlet to share my feelings, personal failures and triumphs.


It is a beautiful sunny day.  And while the romance of yesterday’s rain, which had me cosy in a cafe, running to shops for cover and un-expectantly browsing lingerie and linens until the storm passed.  Today, is replaced by golden rays of late-winter sunshine, which are falling, falling on everything and everyone, warming my skin and illuminating the first signs of Spring blossoms.  For sometime now, I’ve been struggling to find my place.  And as the season is changing, I too feel an inner shift, igniting my hunger for adventure, for change…  I’ve learned many lessons, most of them painfully — as lessons often are.  Though I’d like to think that I’ve come out the other side wiser, better… stronger.

Truthfully, last year was a bit of a bumpy road for me. I had my heart broken, experienced every possible growing pain of running a small business while struggling financially, fought some very serious health problems, and unfortunately… navigated most of it alone, at least I felt very alone.  I try to keep things happy and upbeat around here but it definitely hasn’t been all rainbows and pretty shoes behind the scenes. And now, to find myself in the midst of a brand new year, I can’t help but reflect and ask myself — So, what’s next?

I’m really, really looking forward to a fresh start. I have awesome girlfriends by my side, a new roommate (who is a gift from the Lord) and the most supportive family in the entire world… So, I declare this my year of faith.  I am letting go, I can’t control everything.  I have a father in heaven who knows much more than I do, it’s time to let Him take the reins.  So bring it on, 2014. I’m ready for you! 

“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Similarly, happiness never decreases by being shared.”