It’s suggestive and sexy, yet mysterious and subtle. Strike a unique balance between showing off skin and keeping things classy.


Here are a couple of tips for wearing backless show-stopping looks:

1- Accessories – chose your jewels carefully and don’t overdo it. Select one or two statement pieces, like heirloom-style earrings or a simple bracelet to add some sparkle to your look. Forget hoops or anything too flashy. For a super sexy look, wear a necklace with a drop-down pendent and flip it around so that it drops perfectly down the back of your neck.

2- Hair – Wear your hair completely up to fully show off your back, perhaps a messy bun or ponytail (to keep it young.)  Since showing off you back is the entire point of the look – show it off! That being said… it can also be flirtatious to wear your hair down and draped over one shoulder so that it hangs in front. Trust me, the fellas will be falling at your feet.

3- Lingerie – Bra straps should not, under any conditions, be visible.  And plastic straps are a big no. Also, avoid wearing a bra for at least a few hours before you wear the backless piece so that strap indentations in the skin have disappeared. There are several options, wear a bra with a very low back strap, a corset with a low back or a strapless silicone invisible bra.

4- Keep the rest of the look classy – Do not show off cleavage in front, tons of leg, or any midriff.  The backless style alone is very sexy, trust me, looking sexy does not mean showing an abundance of skin. When pairing a backless dress or top with a shorter skirt, simply throw on a pair of opaque tights to dial it down.  You will be seen as classy, fashion savvy, ladylike and very sexy!!!! 😉

A few looks to inspire…








Backless outfits remain one of my all time favorite fashion statements.  They elude sexiness while still leaving much to the imagination.  Similar to sweaters that fall off one shoulder, revealing nothing more than one’s collarbone and shoulder, yet scream sensuality and flirtation. Happy Monday… May your week be full of inspiration and beauty.