Minutes before this couple was about to walk down the aisle this photo was taken. As the bride was getting ready to line up, she heard the groom’s voice calling for her around the corner.  Flustered, she immediately told him, “Don’t come in here! Don’t look! You can’t see me before the wedding!” He laughed and said, ” I promise I wont look, but can you reach around this corner, take my hand and pray with me before we walk down the aisle?” She made her way over to him and took his hand, both in tears, the groom led the couple in prayer. He lifted their marriage up to God and asked Him to bless it, to remain at the center of it and to bless them on their wedding day. I am so glad this was caught on camera, it is one of my favorite pictures.

hope this reminds us all about what a wedding really signifies — two people joining their lives together in the presence of God, family and friends. Weddings are fun, pretty and exciting, but a wedding is about a marriage and not a party, may we always remember that.