Ever wonder why we do garter tosses at weddings? Well, here is a little history lesson.  In medieval times (when most wedding traditions originated), the couple was not considered married until the guests in attendance followed them to their bedroom and witnessed the marriage being consummated. When they didn’t think that the couple was getting around to it quickly enough for their liking, they would rip the couple’s clothes off. Eventually, the men got tired of it so they would toss the garter (and the rest of the bride’s clothes) to the guests. Since that would be considered improper behavior today, just the garter is removed.

{Aren’t you glad to live in 2013?}

It is the groom’s privilege to remove the garter and toss it to the male guests. The symbolism to deflowering is unambiguous. Historically, this tradition also relates to the belief that taking an article of the bride’s clothing would bring good luck. As this often resulted in the destruction of the bride’s dress, the tradition arose for the bride to toss articles of clothing to the guests, including the garter.


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