Welcome to February! The month of pink and red, blossoms the color of spring, and romance. I am going to do what I do every year, make sure that I give the men in your lives some advice.

— Dont ever buy the jewelry sets advertised on TV, they can be summed up in one word, tacky.

— No red roses, way too cliché. That is, unless those are her favorite flowers. Know what flowers your girl loves and do everything in your power to get those, even if it is a single stem of her favorite type.

— I have always made my own Valentines Day cards. They are extra special due to the time and creativity I put forth in making them. Guys, I don’t expect you to turn into Martha Stewart overnight, it is ok to buy a card. My tip is this: take the time to write in it, don’t just sign your name at the bottom of what really is another persons printed love letter. Make it your own. I have a friend who handmade Valentines for her guy and is sending him one everyday in the mail until the 14th. That’s 14 small little Valentines! Adorable.

As for me, I am optimistically hopeful that my prince charming will show up on the 14th with a bouquet of pink peonies. If not this year, maybe the next. Nonetheless, something like this…


Or perhaps a mixed bouquet with garden roses (they are very different from regular roses, as you can see in the picture below) equally stunning and a lot more cost-effective…


These flowers can be hard to find and if you plan to buy online get ready to pay a hefty price tag. My advice– if you live in San Diego, check out Green Fresh Florals located in Hillcrest. They carry the best selection, value and talent that I’ve seen. I adore them and exclusively work with Carlos and Travis for all my floral needs. I do however want to mention one other vendor that is spectacular — Blush Botanicals. I’ve seen their work but have not had the opportunity to work with them, I think they are rather costly, but they are definitely talented ladies. If you live out-of-state, find a local florist.

Here is how it works:

– I tell him how much I want to spend (anywhere from $35-50 dollars — pick a budget)

– We then pick out a couple different flowers and colors that catch my eye.

– The last important step is to tell your florist you want a “flower on flower arrangement” with NO greenery. Absolutely NO babies breath or filler greens! Flower next to flower gives a stunning and couture look to your arrangement (as shown in both pictures).

– Then simply let him work his magic.

A couple of notes: You can go in with your own vase or buy one there. You don’t NEED a vase, they present beautifully and are more cost-effective if you skip it. Most ladies already have several vases around the house. But, take into consideration that Travis will do a perfect arrangement in a vase and your girl might struggle a little if she has to cut and arrange them at home to fit her vase (especially if she doesn’t have cutting sheers, yes, you need them). The vases at the store are very reasonably priced.

Congratulations, you easily saved yourself $100 dollars and will be getting an arrangement that looks like it’s worth $200 dollars! And, you have also officially passed “How to give a girl Flowers 101” by Couture Makeup. One of the many classes I offer specializing in the art of sweeping a girl off her feet. 😉

Happy kissing! xo