Bring up the winter chill a few degrees warmer by adding some bright pops of color into your wardrobe. Colors so fun and bright are usually reserved for summer, but it is actually a huge trend this season, just look at J. Crew’s catalog, neon is in! Have fun with your makeup, shoes, and clothing by bringing some bright pops of color into the mix!

Pictured, are some examples of neutrals mixed in with some brights to help you understand the trend. Bright heels are always a favorite choice of mine when using color, they’re really striking and can be worn with several different looks. If you ever have trouble putting together your outfit, just pick up a J. Crew catalog and style yourself exactly the way they do for each look. In my opinion and taste, they do the best job in the fashion industry of styling ready-to-wear outfits, making it easy for people to replicate their fabulous style. Try it sometime, the catalog is free.