Question, do you own a clutch? A clutch, for those who don’t know what it is, is a small evening or day bag that is usually embellished and a very beautiful accessory for many occasions and outfits.

I have been wanting and thinking about writing this post for a while, so finally, here it is — fashion advice regarding clutches (evening bags). The right clutch has the ability to upgrade an entire outfit from simple to stunning all with the clip of a clasp.  I share this next statement as my own personal opinion, one that has come by simply observing the many women I encounter daily. So, here it is, clutches have long been under rated in styling and fashion for the masses. They are still seen on celebrities and sold by major designers, but as for us ready-to-wear fashionistas, they seem to have disappeared from our wardrobes.

When most people accessorize an outfit, I assume that jewelry is the first, and for some, only, accessory that is purchased and used. Understand that I love a stunning piece of jewelry — cheap/expensive lovely costume pieces, antique and/or real diamonds, they are all gorgeous– and it is a huge part of accessorizing an outfit, as well as showcasing your personal esthetic and style. So let’s keep the jewelry flowing. . .

My encouragement here is to pair the dress and jewelry with a beautiful evening bag to evolve the entire look — a whole new level of perfection and sophistication.  Below are some inspiring photographs of some unique and gorgeous clutches in hopes that they help you understand my vision and reason for sharing this lost art in fashion.


A clutch can bring a simple outfit from plain to stunning – cheap to expensive. . . rows of rhinestones or pearls, in silver or gold, feathers and beading, finishes of leather and texture — tons of options, together, create some of the most gorgeous, wearable pieces in fashion.



Evening bags are not trend pieces and they will not be going away any sooner then earrings or bracelets. A great clutches can and should be used with several different outfit combinations from dressy to semi casual and will get a fair amount of use and wear over the years. Side note: When purchasing an expensive clutch, make sure it is very well made, timeless, very wearable, and has an element of individual style that reflects your taste. It is a good investment.

I hope we all learned some new and inspiring fashion ideas tonight! Comments are welcomed and appreciated greatly. I hope you are inspired to mix up your accessories and get involved with another element to help play up and find your personal style. Have fun fashionistas!

{photos found via amour-love,and pinterest by couture makeup}