It has been a scandalously long time since my last blog, too little time & too many projects. Do you believe that? Or do you want to know the real truth . . .

My life has been in a constant blurry of change for the past two months. I had a hard time feeling inspired through it all.  It felt almost impossible to write, although that is probably exactly what I should have been doing.  I knew that 29 would be a life changing year, and it has been. I am in love. I have a home (finally) here in San Diego. I am learning how to look the haters in the face and love them, despite their unkindness and mean-spirited gossip. In the face of tribulation, I am walking the walk and not just talking the talk in my Christian faith. I’ve learned that I am blessed by God to love and forgive anyone and anything. This is not something that comes from me, but by the Holy Spirit living in me.   I take ZERO credit for it.  I thank Him for that, and continue to pray that it is something He will continue to grow in my life.   This year I was finally forced to learn how to set boundaries and not be pushed around by others in this industry.  There is only so much free work you can do before you become completely broke!  I have realized how much the fate of my future rests in my hands and my hard work.

I am so blessed to have the most kind, driven, beautiful (inside and out) intern for the summer, who you will be hearing a lot about her in the next three months. She has really re-inspired me to take on this industry with full force and I can’t thank her enough.  Couture Makeup is taking it to the next level this month with many inspiration shoots, our first movie premiere (yay!), and some gorgeous editorial work.

Lastly, I’d like to end with some pieces of advice and some general encouragement.  Work hard, the blessings will follow. Roll with the punches. Always get back up.  Be firm, but also show grace, we are all human and we HAVE ALL ran 5 or 10 min late once in awhile.  Don’t blow the little things out of proportion.  One day you ( yep YOU, no matter how together you think you have it) will need grace, so treat others they way that you’d wish to be treated. I’m going to bare all here…  Truthfully, I’ve had some of the meanest brides of my career here in California.  It made me seriously consider leaving the business all together, hence the long blogging absence.  After much prayer, I decided not to let a few bridezillas break my spirit.

It’s good to be back. I hope that everything in your world is beautiful.  Your emails and comments mean the world to me. Please keep them coming because they keep me writing. God bless.