There is something about the playful look of feathers that draw one in — the play of light and shadows, along with the delicate details and colors accented by even the tiniest movement– make this soft and romantic trend a new favorite.

 J’adore ♥

There’s something inherently fun and unconventional about feathers in fashion, and for someone who has a self-proclaimed classic sense of style, I love the unexpected whimsical touch they add to any ensemble.  Feathers have a long history in fashion, they were used as decoration for masks in 16th-century Europe and traditionally reserved for aristocrats only.  In the 20th century, feathers made a big splash in fashion during the flapper era, as dresses were festooned with feathers to create more movement.

Today, they are taking the fashion world by storm.  No longer just for costumes or haute couture, feathers are an easy and accessible way to add a little bit of whimsy and fanciful elegance to any outfit!

Lastly, a swish of tulle paired with a feather clutch. Nothing short of perfection . . .