Hello! Monday, monday. . . I have been up since 5 am working on projects, replying to emails and putting together this presentation of my favorite looks from Ruche’s new collection. Without further ado, get ready for the most glittering, gorgeous, luxurious, posh, smashing and intoxicating dreamy bridal fashions and photography. Was that over the top? 🙂 I admit, I tend to excessively gush about some of the simplest things. It’s something I can’t help when I’m in the zone and writing freely from my heart. I’m no journalist, I’d love to become a better writer, but it’s not something that comes naturally to me. Many people disagree when I say that, but truly, it takes me forever to write the simplest post. And it is something that makes me very self conscious. My sister is a professional newspaper journalist who is frequently appalled at my writing style, and occasionally my grammar. According to her, I need adjective rehab. While that makes me laugh, I totally agree. So, in an effort to improve, allow me to start over (using less adjectives :)) to write a more condensed piece (while still keeping some of me in there.)

Ahem *clearing throat*

The gowns and head pieces of Ruche’s bridal collection leave me with thoughts of wearing nothing but wisps of tulle and flutters of lace for the remainder of spring, and most likely well into the summer. Wishing you a perfect start to the new week! Until tomorrow . . .

xo Katy

p.s. For tons more, visit the website *here

I simply adore this picture with the white kitten, so adorable!

{Images via Ruche’s website}