Be the person who…

* When asked to write a review for a friend’s business, you do it because you know it will help.
* Comments on people’s blog posts instead of being a silent reader.
* Visits other’s blog posts and comments back on theirs every once in a while.
* Sends thank you cards for every and any reason at all.
* If you can, stay after a party has ended to help clean up.
* Gives credit to every one involved in your success or project.
* Markets for other businesses because you believe in them and you want to see them succeed.
* Forgives and forgets, because you know you aren’t perfect either.
* Doesn’t keep secrets when it comes to technique, business ideas, or contacts.
* Keeps secrets when asked to.
* Stops counting.
* Overlooks what people don’t or didn’t do, and highlight what other’s did do.
* Continually gives because you want to, not because you expect anything in return.
* Returns every single email and inquiry given to you, even if you can’t really help them or give them a job.
* Realizes you can’t be everything to every one, but you can still be pretty amazing.
* Tells people how much you appreciate them.

excerpt from Diana Elizabeth

About 6 weeks ago, I asked via e-mail, some special brides and close friends whom I had worked for to write a review rating their experience with me. I explained in detail how important it was and how much I would appreciate any type of feedback. I made it as easy as possible, I included the link within the email which took them directly to the place where they were to write-up the review. This was sent to roughly 30 people.

To my shock and dismay, only one person (Diana Elizabeth) took the time to write a review. I understand that people are busy, sometimes we say “I’ll do it when I get home,” and then just simply forget. I realize that I should not take it personal. I’ve been there, I’ve done it to people in other situations and never on purpose, so I really shouldn’t be bothered right? Right? And yet… On the list were several friends and a couple of brides whom had gotten their makeup done for free on several occasions, a few of those occasions being their wedding day. I tried let it go, but inside I started to get more irritated as the days passed. I called Diana to thank her for doing the review and then asked her for advice (she is one if the wisest most amazing humans I’ve ever met and am so blessed to know her, I mean this from the bottom of my heart and I hope she knows it.) I asked, “how does one get reviews in this industry (without having to ask twice and look like a stalker) when everyone is so busy and usually won’t take the time to write one?” I’ll never forget her response….”I’m sorry sweetie, it doesn’t mean you weren’t excellent, so don’t let it hurt your feelings, just know that in general, people don’t take time to do those things anymore, it’s a new generation of self focused living”

Why do I share this? Well, I learned some very valuable lessons to carry out into my business relationships, friendships and life in general. Take the time to say thank you. It doesn’t have to be a beautiful handwritten letter, just do it in someway. Do verbal thank you’s count? Texts? Voicemail? Personally, I say YES YES! Just do it!

I will be doing a short blog later in the week for small business owners that will touch on all of the things that I’ve learned along my journey, the do’s and dont’s of running your own business. I have a lot of handy knowledge you might find useful, even if you don’t have a small business. Which leads me to my take away number two for tonight: If you’re ever going to offer your services for free… well… don’t. The fine line of giving away services for free will be discussed (basically don’t do it… do a deep discount but never for free, you’re devaluing your time and work) So come back, it’ll be an interesting read.

Until tomorrow, THANK YOU for visiting my blog. I ♥ and appreciate you, your “likes” and your comments!


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