Meet Brittney and Kevin, this year’s adorable couple for The Not Wedding. We had such a great time doing this retro themed engagement shoot. I had a feeling it was going to be one of my favorite shoots to date, so when I received the photos, I was thrilled to be right. In fact, I was so excited that I might have let out a loud squeal which was followed by a little happy dance in my chair. Yes, I’m a little nerdy, but when I get excited it just comes out!

Lets talk about everyone involved in making this shoot possible. Natale Bray and her husband, the amazing team of photographers, captured every detail to perfection. Their level of talent is rare and something that you don’t run across very often. The team of coordinators from Couture Events were amazing– as usual– executing every single detail to make the shoot perfect. The location, the props, the theme, and every detail down to the timeline of the shoot is all thanks to them. Krystel (the owner and lead coordinator) continues to blow me away with her creativity and passion on every project that she works on. Hair was done by Andrea Duggan and was simply perfection, as was the stylist who brought in the amazing wardrobe and styled the couple from head to toe. The beautiful flowers were by Ashley Elizabethae and the darling little deserts are thanks to The Sunday Sweet. This was truly a dream team. Enjoy these lovely and inspired photos of two people, madly and utterly in love. . .

This is one of my favorites . . .

And these two . . . I only wish I could make them bigger, the makeup colors really pop and the coral lipstick is my favorite ♥

I can’t wait for The Not Wedding on March 27th. It promises to be an unforgettable night full of beauty, glamour, sophistication, fun and above all else… a celebration of love. Get your tickets now, space is limited! This is an event that every engaged couple should attend. Read all about it and get the full scoop on I am honored to be the makeup artist chosen for this prestigious event and can not wait to meet everyone in attendance. Please stop by my table and say hello, I want to meet you! I will have packets of information full of details to help you take care of all of your beauty needs, as well as some VERY special packages and pricing that is only available to those in attendance. I look forward to seeing you there!

Don’t miss the behind the scene photos HERE

Coordination & Styling:
Paper products:
Make up: ME! 🙂 Katy Davis
Hair Stylist: Andrea Duggan

{All images from Natalie Bray’s Blog, click HERE for even more!!}