I am:
* Addicted to beauty…. a gorgeous sunset, a beautiful dress, bouquets of flowers… you get the picture.  It takes time to stop and appreciate these things amiss our fast paced lives, but take the time! It’s worth it. I try to make this blog one beautiful escape from the stresses of everyday life so that we can all appreciate a little more beauty.

* A Christian. I try to exemplify this everyday, but sometimes I fail… because as humans, we are not perfect.  Therefore,  I’m the last person on earth that’s going to judge you. I’ve made plenty of mistakes.

* Confident in my talent as a makeup artist.

* A goofball.

* Convinced that love endures all things.

* Blessed that I’ve never worked with a bridezilla! My brides have been amazing and each one of them holds a place in my heart. I’m even lucky enough to be continuing friendships with some of them.

I think:
* Life is so much easier to manage when we surround ourselves with people who promote positive energy into our lives.

* Life is not black and white.

I see:
* Gods hand in every good decision I make.  And when I mess up… which is often, He is still there, guiding me back…

* The good in people.