This lovely wedding, photographed by Ashley Garmon was quaint and charming. The feeling of the celebration was impeccably captured by Ashley… Everything was lovely, from the sparklers to the color palette of blush, magenta, and ivory. Cyndi looked beautiful… from her dress (one of my favorites to date) to her over all styling, perfection… her low side pony, netted veil, and just a soft touch of makeup… which you know is how I roll. 😉 looked stunning. I love love love that the bridesmaids bouquets were all different, I think we might be seeing more of that in the future. Way to set the trend Cyndi! Remarkably, she had no wedding planner! Job well done Cyndi, my hat is off to you (If I wore hats) well… you get the expression!! Hehe. I had a lot of fun putting this story board together, enjoy!