There is nothing in this world sweeter then a good friend. Someone to trust and lean on during times of heartache, knowing with all your heart that there is nothing they wouldn’t do for you. I am lucky to have had many wonderful friends throughout my life. A sad lesson I  learned when I entered my early twenties, is that some friendships last only for a season. This was a hard concept for me to accept. It does not make that person any less of a beautiful friend, it just means that they might not be as close to you as they once were. Things change, people change, they move, get married, have kids and life goes on…. Optimistically and wholeheartedly, I believe that some friendships are made for life.  And those of you that I may have fallen out of touch with, know that I love you and am only a phone call away!

I am grateful to have met Carolyn this year. She is one of the most unselfish caring people I have ever met, always ready to listen and share a laugh.  She has become one of my best friends. I  consider her family… and yes, you to JT and Colby.  Thank you for being in my life and accepting me into your family. I love you all. This one is dedicated to you!