This post is dedicated to all of the single ladies out there looking for love. 

Recently I had a conversation about men with a good friend of mine and it sparked an interesting revelation about men, dating, and relationships.  Basically, the games and all the players. I couldn’t help but laugh when I immediately thought of the characters below.  I went home and scribbled out this blog. (Not ever intending to post it…until last night when my friend strongly encouraged me to)   I’m sure that most (if not all) girls have heard of the following three shows and characters. But just in case, some Cliffsnotes:

Mr. Big, is a character from the show, Sex in the City. He “loves” Carrie but won’t commit.  She spends several years on a back and forth rollercoaster which includes; Big marrying another women, divorcing that woman because he wants Carrie back, breaking up the great relationship she was currently in (with an amazing man), only to decide that they shouldn’t be together. Years pass. They continue back and forth, dating and breaking up. Carrie finally moves on with her life.  She tells Mr. Big she never wants to see him again.  Causing him to make the grand gesture, telling her that she’s the one in Paris. They get married. The end. Cut to happily every after.

Jusin Bobby, a notorious character from the reality show called The Hills, is a bad boy. He encompasses every detail that a bad boy would. And yet… Sweet little Audrina is in love with him. He treats her like crap. By crap I mean, doesn’t return her calls, wont commit to be her boyfriend because he dislikes “labels”, and stands her up occasionally. Yet she still likes him. She loves him. She still wants to be with him. They go back and forth for three years. She finally realizes he is a douche (sorry…lack of a better word) and moves on. Go Audrina.

And then there is Jim, a lovable character from The Office. Jim is funny, sweet, smart, and consistent. He goes after what he wants and wins over the woman of his dreams.  No games and no back and forth.  They get married and are the cutest couple ever.

SO, which of the three relationships have YOU been in? I’m guessing, if you’re in your 20s or older, you’ve probably dated men similar to all of the characters.  And in SOME cases, you  played the role as one of those characters. Which leads me to some last thoughts…

Where are the “Jims” of the world? If you have found one, don’t be dumb and take him for granted. Don’t play games.  Men like that are hard to come by.  Get RID of the “Justin Bobbys!” They are so easy to spot and honestly… you know better. Be strong.  And finally… how to deal with a “Mr. Big”, enough with the drama. As much as I loved that show, it caused single women everywhere to believe that no matter how much crap a guy puts you through, in the end he will or at least can change. In rare cases it is true. Want to find out if it is…then walk away and if its meant to be, it will be. Women were never meant to pursue. If he doesn’t purse you and stay consistent he’s not worth your time.  He’s an idiot or just simply not the one for you. And as hard as that might be… remember your Jim is out there!