Sleepless nights. They seem to be visiting me more often these days, but unlike insomnia I’ve experienced during other seasons in my life, I’m using it to my advantage. Instead of lying in bed and feeling hopeless, I use the time to write, read, and catch up on business. It’s 4 a.m. now and I am writing this lovely blog! *wink* Though I am learning to be positive, it does cast a shadow over me sometimes, and when I meet someone who suffers I sympathize deeply – it is truly awful being awake through the night, tired, and exhausted, with no understanding as to how people drop off to sleep night after night.

Some nights, I simply lie outside and gaze at the sky. It is so amazing late at night; the peaceful surroundings seem to calm whatever might have been lurking in my conscious or subconscious mind. Next time you find yourself staring at the ceiling at 3 a.m. make some tea, (my favorite is from the Aveda store) go outside, and look at the stars. There is such peaceful resolve in taking a difficult situation and making it a positive one. I promise you, the moon can be splendid company.

Cheers to a fresh week with some fresh perspective. xo