Hello brides and readers,

Today I’m letting a Phoenix-based lifestyle, portrait and wedding photographer Diana Elizabeth take over the blog with some Q&As that will hopefully help you brides choose the right photographer for your special occassion.

I love this behind the scene picture of her at work:

And here are some of the moments she’s captured.  Check more of her photos out on her blog.

So Diana, how would you describe your photography style?
Light, vintage, airy, Anthropologie style.  I love stylizing my shoots with props or carrying a theme throughout the shoot.  Basically, I’m a 20-something year old photographer who loves capturing real life moments.

What do you love to photograph?
Pretty things and creative details.  I love capturing love.  Love the parents feel towards a newborn, love between a newly engaged couple, and the love between a bride and groom when they say forever I do.  I love being invited into someone’s life to capture some of their special moments.

How much to spend on a wedding photographer?
Consider all of the money you’ve spend on the dress, flowers, food, and hair and makeup, it’s a lot, isn’t it?  (Your dad is nodding). All that gorgeousness is what a photographer will capture – the precious details, the pretty venue, and how drop dead gorgeous you look on your wedding day, so a photographer should be one of your biggest investments. The right photographer can make even a backyard wedding look incredible.

What should a bride look for in a wedding photographer?
First, find someone whose style you love.  Second, when you meet him or her, make sure you click.  After all, this is the person who will be hanging out with you all day on your happy day.  Then once you hire them, trust them and let them do what you hired them to do!

What life experiences do you think has helped you as a photographer?
I’ve modeled since I was a teen so I know the camera thinning tricks and flattering poses from putting the booty in the back (shifting weight on your hips), lifting the chin (to avoid double chins), and checking for the squished arm (giving that horrible double in size look).  I also have worked as a stylist for a magazine so I can easily grab the right accessories out of my client’s clothing options and make a photo even cuter.  Since I’ve been on the other side of the camera as a model, I think that has been beneficial with my clients, allowing them to trust me, be vulnerable in front of me, and confident that I can capture the best them possible.

What else should a bride invest in?
1- Second shooter: If you’re having a 70+ guest wedding, hire an associate photographer, aka second shooter.  Your main photographer should offer this option.  It’ll give you and your photographer piece of mind that everything will be covered.

2- Wedding album and prints: Don’t gaff at the pricing of a wedding album. You may think you’ll get to printing those professional photos one day but don’t take them to Walgreens or Costco (eeekk!).  Buy an album with your photographer so you know it will get done and it’ll look a thousand times better than you could even imagine.  Also consider purchasing the prints and gallery canvas wraps as well since your photographer has access to the best photo development labs.

3- Hair and makeup: Some brides are scared that no one will do their hair or makeup the way they want.  This is your big day and you should relax. Try a run-through with a makeup artist for your engagement shoot.  I would defer brides away from trying to do their makeup on their own, or having a friend do it.  Leave it to a pro, unless your friend is a pro.

Anything else?
Consider a first look (see each other before the ceremony).  This gives you time alone, and I promise it won’t take away from the first time he sees you walk down the aisle.  You’ll be less rushed after the ceremony during photos, and you can pray, relax, and enjoy the time before the big event together.  If you choose not to go this route and be more traditional, please give your photographer plenty of time (an hour minimum) to take photos.

Happy wedding planning!

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