It is Couture Makeup’s one year anniversary. It blows my mind to think about all that has changed in one short year. I feel truly blessed that this business is successful. I am lucky to have met so many talented people within the bridal industry and so many wonderful brides.

I have learned so much this year. It took awhile for me to realize that happily working towards a goal gave the same results as stressed frustration. The stereotype that the high-achiever needs to be an obsessive maniac is a good one to make you feel miserable. It is easy to look at outside problems as the source of our misery. But too often we bring it upon ourselves. Ambition is important, but don’t see it as a trade-off for appreciating what you have. When you trade today for tomorrow, you might realize you have nothing left. I’ve learned to appreciate what I have in my life, it empowers me to think about what I’ve done to get at least this far. For example, I realize that I have a roof over my head despite the fact that I’m not yet living in the home of my dreams, I see not only how far I have to go to get my dream, but appreciate how far I’ve come. I’ve learned to appreciate what I have by recognizing the difference between situations and actions I can control and those I can’t. This year I found the strength to move into the future. With a smile.

Whether or not life is going swimmingly or crashing all around you… remember that it is only for a season. And a lot can happen in a year.

Happy moments, PRAISE GOD

Difficult moments, SEEK GOD

Quiet moments, WORSHIP GOD

Painful moments, TRUST GOD