*Don’t let a week go by without telling someone you love them. Out loud. Pets count.
*Wave that freak flag high. One way to do it: On Facebook, go to settings, then Language. On the Primary Language menu, select “English (Pirate).” Really, it’s magnificent.
*You know those days when no one’s around and you download that song that always makes you dance, then you kill five minutes completely rocking it in your house? Make lots of days one of those days.
*On January 2, sit down, take out a pen and a piece of paper and write down five reasons you would want to marry yourself. Doesn’t that feel nice?
*All together now: This year there will be no drunk-texing of exes. (Also no drunk-tweeting or status-updating-at least not until they invent the great Internet erase machine).
*Buy a “good decision” piggy bank. Pay yourself a dollar everytime you skip the third drink, go to bed early or make the difficult phone call. At the end of the year, buy yourself a “good decision” present. You’ve earned it.

Complements of this month’s Glamour Magazine šŸ™‚