I find myself in awe of several of the weddings that I see. This one, was TRULY magnificent. Donna, the stunning bride, was all about the details! She didn’t leave one stone unturned when it came to planning her magnificent July wedding. An outdoor wedding in July? It takes a brave soul to attempt that … but Donna had everything planned to perfection! And the flowers … oh my, the flowers … LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Working on this wedding was some of the most fun that I’ve ever had!! The bride chose a purple palette for her eye color. She looked stunning. Congrats Donna and Eric. Wishing you both a happily ever after. 849410411164
The ultra-rich colors of the floral decor paired with the brightly colored linens added such a sense of welcome and warmth! In my mind, these rich reds, oranges, pinks and vibrant yellows scream JOY and HAPPINESS and give a clear indication that one heck of a celebration is about to begin! Thanks to Regeti’s Photography for the stunning shots!
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