I couldnt sleep last night so I put in one of my favorite movies.. Sex and The City of course!! The scene where she shoots 5 looks for Vouge had me thinking about my recent photoshoots… And that terrible dress that she wore to the actual wedding. My question is, who was the stylist? No wonder Mr. Big took one look at her and turned the car around! OK just kidding, I had to say it….

I did a little research and found out some interesting and shocking facts.

Sex And The City fans all over the world (Hmm all over the internet world is more suited) caused an immediate sold-out Vivienne Westwood dress.

Why? Because of Carrie Bradshaw, of course! She was seen wearing the white bride number in the Sex And The City movie so, naturally, every true fan out there wants to get married in the same dress Carrie did!

That sounds perfectly natural, but you should also know that the dress available on net-a-porter.com had an amazing tag price: $9,875. And it was a knee-length version! The floor length original version, as seen on Carrie in Sex And The City the movie costs a whopping $15,700 and you have to order and wait six months for it! As a Sex and the City fan myself, I found the dress to be… well, over designed! Check back in my gallery to see the couture gowns that I chose for my last shoot. They took my breath away… In a good way! 🙂