I recently put together a photo shoot with my favorite photographer in Phoenix (Mark Susan) for my website. The day started out pretty hectic, First of all, I was going on less then two hours of sleep… not easy to perform on that kind of energy. Immediately I bolted for some coffee…and added an unusual 5 shots in my Starbucks latte that morning. I picked up my phone while in line to find out that the hair stylist cancelled at 6 am the day of the shoot. I thought “Dang it!” a major draw back. I stayed on schedule and headed over to pick up the six dresses from Laura’s Bridal. Beautiful thousand dollar gowns!! I was so excited. I walked into the store and there was my favorite dress of the six I had chossen… on a potential client. As she stood there admiring the gown in the mirror, I stared at my watch, thinking “if she doesn’t take this dress off soon I’m going to be an hour late for call time!” But I couldnt leave without it, I loved it too much!! Finally…the dress came off, I loaded up my car, and I was on my way to the studio with 40 thousand dollars worth of jewelry, dresses, veils, head pieces, and flowers in my back seat.

I was running 30 minutes behind. “Not bad” I thought… Then, I got lost. So lost, that it took 40 minutes of extra driving to find my way to the studio. I had to stay positive; the shoot was going to be beautiful. But again, I ran into an unexpected dilemma. I had put together the flower bouquets the night before, specifically, a white one filled with hydrangeas and roses. Unfortunately…it did not last the car ride. I pulled into the parking lot of the studio with dead droopy flowers on hand. Fortunately, ONE bouquet survived and still looked gorgeous. “That’ll have to do” I thought.

I met my first model Gwen. Oh how lovely she was… kind and beautiful. We immediately got to work on her hair and makeup. I started to airbrush Gwen’s face, and all of the sudden, crap! My airbrush gun is broken. Could this go any worse? I smiled and informed her that we would be using liquid makeup that day. Luckily, we were the same color and my foundation was a perfect match. I styled her hair, picked out her first look and handed her over to my brilliant photographer, Mark Susan. From there, he and I led her through some specific concepts for the shoot… the moment she set foot under the lights she hit every pose like a pro. I had her in some very tiring positions and she did not complain at all. She was such a delight to work with. We spent the following two hours styling and shooting her other looks. I’d say the hardest part of the whole thing was lacing up those dresses! Wow, talk about time consuming!

Around 4 pm my second model Gina arrived. Sure enough, it was also time for my second Red Bull of the day. Gina Is strikingly beautiful. I had her jewelry and looks decided in my head the second she walked in the door. I knew she would look awesome. After we wrapped Gwen we quickly started on Gina. Gwen was such a doll and stuck around to put some dresses back into their proper bags while we worked. She probably took pity on me because I looked like I was going to pass out. Oh geez, Food! I knew there was something I forgot! A granola bar would have to do…

Gina hit every pose perfectly, I styled her in two beautiful gowns with different hair, makeup, and jewelry for each dress. She lit up the room with each snap of the camera. Eight pm rolled around, time to wrap this up… by 9:30 I was out of the studio with the dresses in my car headed back to Tucson.

It was a 12 hour day on no sleep. But I saw my concepts realized and learned valuable lessons on keeping it cool when things don’t go as planned. It was a growing experience. I had to push through the tiredness to achieve a goal, and that’s exactly what I did. The photos are amazing and overall I am so proud of the way everything turned out. Stay tuned for AWESOME pictures that will be added to my gallery in about a week. Here is a little preview 🙂