Always remember to be kind, for everyone is fighting their own battles, ones that you know nothing about… Comfort is the language of love. I was deeply hurt this week by another’s actions, and it reminded me of the importance of our words, may we always strive to speak in love. Your greatness is measured by your kindness; your education and intellect by your modesty, and your real caliber is measured by the consideration and tolerance you have for others.

“We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery, we need humanity. More than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness.”
—Charlie Chaplin


Hello and happy Saturday!

The air is filled with the scent of rosewood, vanilla and romance, a new candle purchased recently, evoking images of pure luxury and weekend romance. . . luxe sateen sheets, french wine and sweet deserts, city lights and chandeliers, elegant florals and lingerie. . .  And so, in keeping with the mood, here are a few perfectly romantic images to inspire beautiful daydreams, on this late-summer evening . . .


Wishing you a beautiful weekend



In an age in which the fashion world embraces art, and art embraces fashion, the question posed at the vibrant Chanel show might not be “Is fashion art?” but “Is art fashion?” After the breathtakingly spectacular environments that Karl Lagerfeld has conceived for Chanel Couture in recent years, this season’s set was a palate cleanser. All the focus was on the superb clothes, each one a miracle of construction, workmanship, and colorful embellishment. The show was set in a vast “art gallery” created under the dome of the Grand Palais.

The clothes themselves seemed more real-life than rarefied. “Life is not a red carpet,” Karl explained. “This is for daily life. I wanted color, and a fraîcheur. It’s a very happy mood.”

Each model commanded presence and attention as they floated down the catwalk.  Makeup and hair were equally colorful, bright hues and deep saturations of color that complimented each look as well as the show’s artistic and joyous mood!


The bags alone were one of my favorite touches to the show. All very colorful and unique. I am utterly and completely obsessed with the orange and pink neon clutch pictured below!












Chanel never fails to deliver, and this collection is sure to make fashionistas everywhere satisfied and hungry for more. . .

Summer and Spring… They inspire me in so many ways, from fashion and makeup to flowers and food.   In fact, my very favorite flower varieties bloom almost exclusively during this time of year.  And while the season lasts, I do my best to cover every room in the house with blush colored peonies and ranunculus, just one of the many reasons that I am absolutely smitten with inspiration when April rolls around.

This spring, the 2104 makeup trends have offered us one of the prettiest and most versatile takes on editorial beauty in the guise of pop lip colors, fresh white eye shadow and thin or dramatic winged liner.  Below are inspirations gathered straight off the runway, merging together three of the seasons hottest trends. And while its still hot outside, with Fall and its darker romantic hues eagerly around the corner, lets have some fun with makeup and color choices while we still can! Bring the heat!!

Bright Lipstick:

Beautiful vivid lip colors were seen all over the runways for spring collections in 2014. Pucker up and get ready to test drive the boldest and brightest lip colors to perfect your pout in time for the new season.


Bold, electric orange was in-your-face and a standout trend at the Spring 2014 shows, with DKNY, Rag & Bone and John Galliano all opting for citrus neon lips amidst otherwise barely there beauty looks.



In contrast, Pantone’s color of the year, Radiant Orchid, was put to good use at Marchesa and Nicole Miller, while Monique Lhuillier and Antonio Marras moved down the spectrum to select hot magenta and neon pink as their choice of lip lacquer.





Whatever your preference, bold and bright lips are certainly this seasons’s trend of choice.

White Eye Shadow:




One of the freshest looks seen this season, is fresh and intense white shadow with bold and lush lashes. Try penciling your entire lid in with M.A.C Eye Khol in Fascinating, and adding a white eyeshadow on top (M.A.C. Gesso) to make the color really vibrant. Use tons of mascara to make the eyes wide and awake.  This look can be worn with a neutral lip or paired with something more bold and vibrant, as mentioned above. This trend also beautifully compliments the next one below, winged liner!

Winged Eyeliner:

With the flick of a wrist, cat eyes have always brought a flair for the dramatic, and this season is no different with designers channelling the vixen vibe in varying degrees of drama. When it comes to evening eye makeup, the beauty camps are usually divided in two: those who favor diffused dark shadow (aka the sultry smoky eye), and those who stick to the winged, graphic shape. As of late, the most bewitching beauty look is a clever and catty hybrid of both, with a smoky cat eye that suggests you’re the predator, not the prey.



Since the times of Cleopatra, the cat eye has been mysterious, dramatic and ultra-feminine — and also the golden beacon of beauty mere mortals can rarely attain. Exact symmetry, perfect precision, an unwavering line and equal thickness on both eyes proves to be a challenge, especially if you lack a steady hand. Though it can be a tough routine to master, it’s worth practicing your flicks since the cat craze isn’t fading anytime fast.



Whether you prefer a graphic cat eye, subtle line flick or vibrant hue, there’s a liner look for you.


Its here again, my favorite show, the Elie Saab couture show, which never fails to enchant. A show filled with floating, floor-sweeping gowns of chiffon and organza, strewn in sparkling beads and delicate pearls.   It is, as always, a MAGICAL fairytale . . .  Among the fifty outfits that chinked and tinkled their way down the chandelier lined catwalk, there wasn’t one day look. Ultimately, many of these dresses are destined to be ordered in white: the painstaking attention to back details and long trains suggested that weddings are where Saab does most of his business.

Back stage, models puckered their pillowy pink lips against his cheeks in congratulation while somehow simultaneously posing and looking gorgeous for the photographers’ lenses. Everyone looked very happy, like princesses straight out of a fashion fairytale.

“My signature look is a combination of glamorous silhouette and feminine details.” 

– Elie Saab









Today was another STUNNINGLY beautiful summer day. It’s that time of year again, where the 78 degree weather along the coast of sunny San Diego, justifies the insanely high rent prices that we begrudgingly pay each month.  The sun-dappled terraces beckon and it’s impossible to stay indoors. The day brings sunshine that kisses your skin with warmth and nights filled with cool ocean breezes.  Having this week off of work, I am making every effort to soak in the sunshine and enjoy this beautiful place that I live in and so often take for granted.

So, I’m wishing you a beautiful day wherever you are, with a reminder to enjoy the world that surrounds you.  Wether that’s rolling hills, city architecture, sandy beaches, or mountains with flowers and streams…  Don’t get so busy that you miss the beauty that’s all around you. For God’s creation is truly a masterpiece.






I thought I’d start out this week with a little romance, which begs the question, ladies, is your tiara on straight? You never know when prince charming might sweep you off those Christian Louboutins and change your world forever… But until then, keep dreaming, never lose hope and wear beautiful dresses and accessories that make you feel like the gorgeous princess you are :)

Wishing you a magical week filled with beauty.



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