It’s suggestive and sexy, yet mysterious and subtle. Strike a unique balance between showing off skin and keeping things classy.


Here are a couple of tips for wearing backless show-stopping looks:

1- Accessories – chose your jewels carefully and don’t overdo it. Select one or two statement pieces, like heirloom-style earrings or a simple bracelet to add some sparkle to your look. Forget hoops or anything too flashy. For a super sexy look, wear a necklace with a drop-down pendent and flip it around so that it drops perfectly down the back of your neck.

2- Hair – Wear your hair completely up to fully show off your back, perhaps a messy bun or ponytail (to keep it young.)  Since showing off you back is the entire point of the look – show it off! That being said… it can also be flirtatious to wear your hair down and draped over one shoulder so that it hangs in front. Trust me, the fellas will be falling at your feet.

3- Lingerie – Bra straps should not, under any conditions, be visible.  And plastic straps are a big no. Also, avoid wearing a bra for at least a few hours before you wear the backless piece so that strap indentations in the skin have disappeared. There are several options, wear a bra with a very low back strap, a corset with a low back or a strapless silicone invisible bra.

4- Keep the rest of the look classy – Do not show off cleavage in front, tons of leg, or any midriff.  The backless style alone is very sexy, trust me, looking sexy does not mean showing an abundance of skin. When pairing a backless dress or top with a shorter skirt, simply throw on a pair of opaque tights to dial it down.  You will be seen as classy, fashion savvy, ladylike and very sexy!!!! ;)

A few looks to inspire…








Backless outfits remain one of my all time favorite fashion statements.  They elude sexiness while still leaving much to the imagination.  Similar to sweaters that fall off one shoulder, revealing nothing more than one’s collarbone and shoulder, yet scream sensuality and flirtation. Happy Monday… May your week be full of inspiration and beauty.


The bow — a staple of femininity — can be beautifully incorporated into perfectly age appropriate and fashion forward looks.   Wearing bows as an adult can be particularly challenging, the symbol can read somewhat young so it is important to style and integrate it into your look correctly. At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, designers (such as - Jason Wu, Valentino, Chanel & Christian Dior ) surprisingly inundated the runway with this fun and flirty accent.  Bows were used in belts, hairstyles, bags and most noticeably as framework of an entire garment’s silhouette (example: Giambattista Valli’s Couture jacket pictured below.)


A bow is a great way to soften any type of suiting apparel such as pant suits and basic office attire. Jason Wu showed a wonderful collection that featured a bow as the center statement on several blouses. The best way to wear bows and have them look modern, is to find a piece that mimics its basic silhouette in a new and fresh way.  The clutch pictured below is a perfect example of this…the bow silhouette mixed with modern design.



I love belts that tie into a bow around the waist.  Wether it is a separate piece or the actual fabric of the garment, this look is one of the easiest ways to incorporate the trend in a modern way.



And finally, nothing goes together quite as perfectly as heels + bows! ;) Add sexiness and femininity into any look by slipping on a killer set of heels.




And so, we have arrived, at another year filled with new dreams and new adventures! Wherever you may be in your life, in the career of your dreams or still working toward one; in the midst a breakup or madly in love; with your soul mate or still searching; in summer or winter; wherever in the world you may be, thank you for coming along with me — for beginning your mornings or ending your evenings here. Cheers to the year ahead, always remember to search for beauty wherever you can find it. May laughter make its way into the most common and everyday events of this new year. Wishing you a beautiful 2014.




An unexpected piece of outerwear is being reintroduced to the coat check– capes. Their comeback on the runway and red carpet was big this season. An incredible, non-body conscious coat, does more than just keep you warm, it sets the tone for an entire look. Throughout different social classes, the cape has signified money and wealth. Today, it is simply another fashion do that your winter wardrobe will love you for! Lets start with a quick tip list on wearing these fabulous looks…

1. Length: longer capes can be more flattering than short capes, similar to the poncho.

2. Color: solid colored capes make a beautiful statement.

3. Boots: boots look classic when paired with a long cape. You may choose boots the same color as the cape or ones that contrast.

4. Undergarment: wear a fun colored long sleeve top underneath your cape for added dimension.

5. Accessorize: Carry a big bag on your forearm. Shoulder bags will be uncomfortable, so make sure it’s a bag you can carry.

Winter Gorgeous

f95c2705cf0c8a88b1b581fdb34f756eA cape coat with an elegant shape is best for high-profile gatherings or a night on the town. Layer it up with a cardigan over a chic form-fitting, long sleeved blouse in a complimentary color. Slip into black skinny jeans and trendy ankle boots to complete your fabulous winter look.

Cool and Casual


Cape coats are the best option to polish a casual outfit. A printed button-down blouse and dark denim jeans will be hugely trendy with a neutral-toned cape over your shoulders. Or try loosening up further, with a more relaxed cape coat style decorated with a little fur. Team it with jean short and a corset or nice baggy sweater. Sunglasses and a pretty shawl provide just the right upbeat touch.

Plaid in Focus


A plaid cape coat can provide a nice contrast to a black skirt and grey high-collar/long-sleeved blouse. Another way is to wear a plaid blouse with a pretty bow necktie and match its color to the cape coat. Keep this tried from looking too stiff by allowing softer hair, nothing slicked back.

Feminine- in a dress


If you’re a woman who considers dresses a wardrobe staple, the cape coat will heighten its charm. Find one with a clean and modish look; its well-cut silhouette gives an additional flamboyance to your striking dress. For a dark chunky knitted dress, choose a simple grey belted cape coat and matching accessories. You can go absolutely flirty and cute with this look, by pairing a vibrant checkered cape coat with an attractive simple-cut dress. Accessories must match one of the colors on the cape coat.

Going Bold


Bright colored cape coats are the best if you want a statement, eye-catching style. You can have a fun and playful look if you keep my few tips in mind. Always be wary of the color scheme. If the cape coat is a bright red, find a blouse decorated in a major color, doesn’t matter if a secondary color or pattern is visible. Pull on your black tights and boots, and you have a loud and proud outfit that will turn heads. Better still, for a bold cape coat, use multiple colors harmonized with the shade, for example purple, yellow and green. Try not to go overboard with the fun.


There is something in the air that is beginning to feel a little like magic . . .

Such a beautiful whirl of hours and days, flying at breathtaking speeds, only to arrive at the very last month of an extraordinary year. Immensely looking forward to every little thing such as the twinkling of crystal at holiday soirées, to sequined dresses and upswept hair.  Wishing you a December filled with laughter, beautifully wrapped gifts and above all else, love.   Most of all love.  Perhaps even a kiss underneath the mistletoe.






Winter seems to have arrived overnight, as did its chilly temperatures.   Every year when the temperature drops, I happily bring out all of my favorite sweaters and clothes, excited for the opportunity to bundle up and wear something soft and luxurious.  The holidays are all about comfort and warmth. The romance of bundling up by a fire under soft blankets in comfortable clothes is a favorite pastime.  When lounging around the house, I love to wrap up in a long cable knit sweater or knee-length robe, and slip on a cozy pair of knee-high socks.  It is adorable lounge wear that is comfortable and stylish.  I found several great pairs of knee-high socks at Urban Outfitters for a (semi) reasonable price.  Target also has a few, but they’re not as stylish or warm.

To wear this look during the day, simply switch out the socks for full coverage sweater leggings. Tights/leggings made out of  sweater material feel absolutely heavenly against skin, they are soft to the touch, warm and very chic. Pair them with a long sweater and some fashionable boots for an adorable and comfortable winter outfit!

Wrap yourself in cashmere and blankets, cuddle up by the fire, drink hot chocolate and kiss the one you love.  Winter is here.




“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.”
― Edith Sitwell







A little rock in roll + romance…


One of the sexiest ways to wear lace is to pair it with leather. A romantic lace skirt or dress can easily be updated and take on some edge with the addition of a simple leather jacket. To keep this trend balanced and lady-like, wear your hair in a simple chignon or soft romantic waves. An easy date night look for any season.






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